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How To Increase Discord Servers Members? Every Possible Method To Grow Server Members

Discord is a popular topic in 2021 amongst gamers and creators worldwide, but growing and creating an audience on a discord server can be tough. I present to you every possible method, which can be used to grow a discord server.

Discord is an instant messaging platform popular among gamers for calls and chats.

These are a few methods/tricks which you can use in order to grow your discord server, whether you are new to discord or already have an audience on a different social platform, these tricks can help you grow discord members.

Social Media

There is no doubt, that social media is the first priority in order to grow your server, it is just like using your YouTube audience to follow your Socials. Use the same method to drive your traffic to Discord.

  • YouTube: Adding a Discord Link in the Description of every Video or Stream or YouTube Channel URL.
  • Instagram: Add a Discord Link in the link area of the Instagram page or create the Instagram page dedicated to your Discord Niche or Community.
  • Facebook: Adding Discord Link to your Facebook Profile / Creating a Facebook Page Dedicated to your discord niche / Creating a posting announcing your audience on FaceBook that you have finally created a discord server.
  • Steam: Since Discord is widely famous to be a Gamer based messaging platform, then there is no doubt, to add your discord link to your steam page

Those above were just a few examples the list goes on to Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitch, and many more…

Discord Listing Directory

Just like the telegram directory, various websites provide a directory for discord as well, you can add and list your Discord server to these directory sites to grow your server and bump it on a daily bases.

View MoreTop 5 Sites for Discord Directory

Certain famous sites like Disboard, DiscordMe, and Top.GG where you can upload and list your server to gain traffic.

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In Discord Methods

Certain methods with discord can be used to get instant members, these includes

  • Messaging users to join your server
  • Join servers, where you have the option to promote your discord server
  • Daily Promoting Your Discord server on other servers
  • Asking your Discord Friends to join your server
  • Asking streamers/Creators/Influencers/YouTubers to join your server

Discord Based Niche

Sometimes depending on your discord niche, you can get members more quickly, for example, if there is a trend for something and making a server about that can get you more users.

For example: When a game called Among Us was trending, various users made discord servers that were dedicated to only Among Us-based categories, which increased the traffic.

You cannot expect Anime Fans to join Gaming Server or Vice Versa. This sometimes also depends on the user’s preferences.

Certain famous Niche on Discord

  • Gaming
  • Community
  • Anime
  • Study
  • Movies
  • Music


This is a famous strategy to grow any discord server, there are various methods to this topic. The word partner itself is self-explanatory, becoming friends with other servers in ways of monetary or free purposes.

Affiliations, collaborations, merges, and teams are some of the more popular variations, but they’re all based on the same principle: Your server and another server connect in some way that creates a fair exchange of exposure to both servers.

Methods Of Partnering

  • Sponsored Streamers: Collabing with various Streamers or Content creators with your discord server and making convincing promises which makes both the party agree to terms to join and promote your server. This does not always have to be a popular streamer, a newcomer or upcoming streamer can also be a part of it.
  • Paid Partnership: Paying other servers which have over 5000+ Active communities to promote your server to make an announcement post to gain members.
  • Normal Partnership: Making Posts on each other server and creating a public Partner Role where both servers promote each other actively. This mostly depends on if the admins are interested or not.
  • Merging: This is highly popular now, where you completely close one server and announce to your community to switch to another discord server.
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Active Community

Every user counts on your server, Users are not just a number they are human beings too. Treat each user as a special customer so that they are satisfied and proud to be a member of your community.

Say For example your server has 1 user invited,

  • then interact with him/her,
  • Welcome Them
  • treat them well
  • Make them believe he is a part of a healthy and friendly community

This point is also valid for Moderator and above high roles users, what is the use of promoting your server, when you are not being active on your own community and being a traitor messaging and joining calls on other servers?

This creates a form-friendly environment where the user refers to and invites other friends and this chain of inviting increases.

Join4Join & Invite Reward Method

For some reason, this method is widely famous and a dirty trick to growing server members but not effective.

  • Join4Join
  • Reward Method
  • Giveaway Method

Basically, a certain server provides services where a discord user messages you to join there in exchange for you joining there. You can find such a server on disboard or top.gg . I personally do not recommend this method, because if you think about it, after a small period of time both parties leave the server if they do not like it.

The reward / Giveaway Method is the dirtiest method which was widely famous in the beginning, but now discord has taken precautions to ban such scam servers. Basically, you create an announcement where you promise your users to be a reward to perform certain tasks like inviting 5 users to participate in a big rewarding competition. But later these scam servers ban them.

Examples: PayPal Rewards, Discord Gift Card Servers, Free Money Reward servers, all these are such scam servers. Where they reach members of over 10,000+ and later they sell the discord servers.

Left Members

You can set up Discord Bots like Mee6 or Dyno or any other, which provides information when a user leaves your server. If the user is in your friend list or mutual friends. You can message and ask them, what was the main reason they left your servers.
This could be sometimes embarrassing and toxic based on the mentality of the person. But hey, at least you will know the main reason why users are leaving your server.
These can also be called suggestion methods.

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Spread the Word [ Mouth advertising ]

Last but not the least, Spread the word, and ask each and every single word of your, family to refer their friends to join your server. This is the handiest method used by 99% of users in the beginning.

Gamers Invite Method

This is a very common method, but yet the most ignored method. Say for example you are playing a game of CSGO or Valorant, if you feel like, the player with whom you are in the game is friendly you can voice chat with then invite them to your community via sending them the discord link or your user tag In-Game. As a gamer, we sometimes do this but ignore that such a method exists.

Bonus Tips and Tricks

Those were all the best methods that you can use to promote your server, but if you still cannot grow your server, then please make sure you follow these tips. If you read those all, then congratulation you are on the right step to grow your server All The Best.

  • Your Server is Fully setup [ Setting up the server ]
  • All Roles are working Perfectly
  • Your Community has something unique to offer
  • NSFW and 18+ channels are causing trouble?
  • Leveling up the System or too many bots
  • Too Many Channels
  • Too many Emojis on the server [ certain emoji does not load on mobile ]
  • Special Bots
  • Make use of those Emojis, Text Decorations, GIF
  • Channels are easier to locate and find
  • Make use of those special bots – Music, React, Memes, and more…

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