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17+ Rewind Videos on YouTube That Will Always Give Users Nostalgia

YouTube rewind was a big thing for both Creators & Subscribers, a 5 to 10-minute video filled with nostalgic memories which also included your favorite creators in it.

YouTube made a video called “YouTube Rewind” every year that showed popular videos, creators, and moments from the past year. Since 2010, when the first YouTube Rewind video came out, YouTube has put out a new Rewind video every December.

Most of the time, the Rewind videos are a collection of the most popular videos, trends, and memes from the previous year. Some of the most popular YouTube creators and celebrities also make appearances in these videos.

Not gonna lie, but it sometimes makes me emotional as well as motivated to watch these rewind videos. Making me think, “How Far We have Come, Our Journey and our lives, how much has everything changed”

Unfortunately, YouTube Stopped the production of YouTube Rewind because of this drastic growth of the audience and “impossible to capture its vastness and variety in a compilation that’s only a few minutes long.”

It is clear that Fans (including me) did not like the last 2 Rewind videos from YouTube. To me personally, it felt like various things were missing & effecting like

  • Various popular creators were missing
  • Felt like politics, laws & Policies were also involved in the production
  • Too many mainstream unnecessary celebs getting cameos *cough* Will smith
  • Talk shows like Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and others getting favoritism treatment from Team YouTube in cameos.
  • And they are several other reasons for fans not being satisfied

You can however also check these references’ website

1. YouTube Rewind 2010 Year in Review

The year 2010 might have been the initial stages when YouTube was starting to get some popularity in a few countries and still growing.

It was a pretty simple video with nothing special in it. It had a list of the ten most-watched videos of the year, you can say YouTube was testing its trending algorithm here.

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To be honest, the concept & words like Trending, Viral, Outbreak, Most views, Likes, Dislikes and such, were still new and nobody really cared about them anyways.

People used to upload & watch random videos on YouTube, like

2. BROJANGSTER: 2010’s Nostalgia

BROJANGSTER, created this compilation video, which was uploaded in 2019. Although, it’s just a simple text & image-based video… You wouldn’t expect such a normal video to go viral. But not gonna lie, the video is really interesting to watch.

3. YouTube Rewind 2011

YouTube trends & popular video charts were still at beta during this year, I wouldn’t really call this a Rewind video, it felt more like a compilation that YouTube created, hosted by Rebecca Black because she became a viral meme after her music video called Friday.

Having Rebecca Black as a host didn’t really help, though. The video has nothing interesting to say about it. Just like the 2010 version, this video showed the top 10 most-viewed videos of the year.

4. Rewind YouTube Style 2012

For most fans, this was the very first actual YouTube rewind, which still gives the Nostalgic experience because it had various popular OG creators in it, not sure what happened to them, looks like most of them quit. (sad)

It also had a mix of the most important cultural events of the year 2012. From Barack Obama being re-elected to “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen being a viral hit.

Many YouTubers and celebrities also showed up by taking part in viral trends of the song “Call Me Maybe” that people remembered.

5. What Does 2013 Say

The production team behind this video actually killed it! Robby Novak, better known by his stage name Kid President, kicked off the video. Then, the top creator on the platform, PewDiePie, made his debut appearance in a YouTube Rewind, and his subscribers went wild.

This gave YouTube more reasons, to continue this yearly recap trend (Rewind).

2013’s Rewind honestly had soo many easter eggs and references from various movies, tv shows, songs, games, viral videos, and more.

It was a compilation of viral trends and cultural events like horse masks and popular vines, much like YouTube’s 2012 Rewind video and was very nostalgic.

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This video featured a mashup by DJ Earworm of six hit songs from the same year. Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and The Roots played them as a skit.

6. Turn Down For 2014

Another amazing year on YouTube, filled with soo much fun & joy, which could clearly be seen in this video.

I still cannot believe that YouTube literally shot in different locations for the song Happy by Pharrell Williams, it was an actual surprise to see youtube taking things to a higher level for its subscribers for a 5 seconds scene.

DJ Earworm also produced a mashup of as many as ten chart-topping tracks. There was some fancy footwork involved.

The video had to both the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the viral game Flappy Bird which were trending in 2014.

It’s funny how 30% to 60% of users did not realize that there was a secret end credit scene of “How It Should Have Ended”.

7. Now Watch Me 2015

The Rewind video of 2015, has to be one of my favorites. The song “Watch Me” by Silento is what the video is titiled after.

It had literally everything complied and shown to the audience in a beautiful nostalgic way.

The #YouTubeRewind hashtag was used for the first time in this video. It also looked back at the ten years of content on YouTube because it had been around for ten years.

8. The Ultimate 2016 Challenge

Well, things started to get out of hand from here in my opinion when “Dwayne Johnson” A.K.A “The Rock” made his appearance in the rewind of 2016.

The name of the video refers to a challenge that went viral last year.

It also showed how more and more people are taking part in viral challenges like “running man” and “flip the bottle.”

It was also full of pop culture events, like Hodor from Game of Thrones and Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

This clearly opened doors to more celebrities wanting to make their cameos on the Rewind as this went more mainstream. Although, fans still did enjoy the rewind. But it was not as satisfying as the previous ones.

9. The Shape of 2017

The song “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran is mentioned in the title of the video. The way this video was put together changed. It used music, dance, and performances in the past, but this version was all over the place.

Even though Logan Paul, KSI, and David Dobrik were involved, fans still didn’t like the video. It’s the 35th most disliked video, which clearly shows that fans did not like it and here the downfall of Rewind might have started.

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10. YouTube Rewind JAPAN

11. Everyone Controls Rewind

The 2018’s rewind edition was meant to be driven by fans comments. But when references to Fortnite and K-pop were added, users quickly pointed out that YouTube was behind the times.

The structure of the video was also messed up. It went from being funny to being serious in the blink of an eye, which left a lot of people confused.

That’s why YouTube Rewind 2018 was a miss for us and for most of the people who use the site.

And also the famous PewDiePie vs Tseries viral trend, a tribute to Stan Lee, Avicii was missing.

12. PewDiePie’s YouTube Rewind, But its Actually Good

To be honest, the video from Dolan Dark was the first rewind video created by YouTuber. But later, PewDiePie decided to collab with various creative youtubers (*Pay them*), for creating something unique.

Reading the comments on PewDiePie’s video versus the comments on the original YouTube rewind video. Fans clearly wanted something like what PewDiePie made, which YouTube used to show off in a beautiful way, but I guess that has been lost now.

13. For The Record

YouTube was trying to make up for what happened in 2018. Still, their 2019’s video attempt didn’t make most users happy. With another video of the top 10 videos, the platform tried to get back to how things used to be. Fans didn’t like this at all.

People who watched it and made it thought it was soulless and lazy. Fans were also upset that the video didn’t pay tribute to Etika Amofah, a well-known user of the site who died that year.

14. PewDiePie’s YouTube Rewind 2019, But its Actually Good

15. Escape 2021

YouTube made it clear that the are shutting their production series of Rewind yearly videos. But every other media platform like Spotify, Playstation, Reddit, started this new trend of RECAP.

16. MrBeasts 2020 Thank God It’s Over

Huge respect to Mr. Beast for taking the responsibility for making the rewind video of 2020.

Many fans were upset by YouTube’s decision, but they were excited to see what MrBeast would do. For those who don’t know, MrBeast said earlier in November 2020 that he would be making a YouTube Rewind 2020.

This comes after YouTube said a few days ago that they wouldn’t make a YouTube Rewind this year “2020 has been different. And it wouldn’t be right to act like it wasn’t.”

17. Before 2022 Watch This

If you haven’t watched this video yet, make sure you do now and leave a like right now! I was initially shocked & surprised to see soo various scenes in every second. Although, you might not classify this as a rewind video, because it is more of a montage/compilation, but it’s good.

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