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How To Monetize Your Discord Server [2022 Guide]

Discord has become soo popular that various entrepreneurs and creators are utilizing this platform to earn online. Yes, you read that correctly. Just like any other social media platform, entrepreneurs find different ways to monetize any Social media platform like Discord.

There are more people on Discord servers than ever before. Communities on Discord have grown to the point where more than 3 million people are all under one digital roof.

For servers of all sizes and topics and genres, there’s a monetization possibility that could help you and your community.

Depending on your Discord community and the type of niche your audience is, you can monetize your platform.

  • Paid Advertisement
  • Affiliate Relationships
  • Donations
  • Discord Membership

Note: If you are a bot developer and have a Discord Bot, then your chances of monetizing increase. If your discord is unique and active on at least 1000+ servers. But we will not talk about how to monetize the discord bot in this article.

Paid Advertisement

We have to accept that ads are what make the internet work. In its early days, Discord was known for its amazing ability to work without a single ad on the platform.

But over time, servers on Discord have found a new way to make extra money from their Discord community by running ads that they control themselves. This is especially useful for community owners who run big Discord servers, and they do it a lot.

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If your Discord server has 10,000 to 100,000 members, many big server owners or projects would be willing to pay you to promote their communities in your server.

Affiliate Relationships

The easiest way to make money or passive income in a Discord server is to have affiliate relationships with websites, businesses, and other businesses. A lot of the people in your community buy things online every day. Affiliate programmes are all about how you get customers to buy these products. In return, you get a fixed rate per order or a certain percentage of the price of the product.

Donations Accepting

This is by far the safest way to make a little extra money while you run your community. But it’s not a sure thing that you’ll make as much or anything as with the other methods in this article. Setting up donations is as easy as making a #donate-us channel and leaving your PayPal link there.

Discord Membership

A great way to make money from your Discord community is to charge members for exclusive access. A lot of people are willing to pay for faster support and private chats with only people who are interested in the same thing as your Discord server.

Well, their might be several other ways by which users might be monetizing their Discord servers like

  • Renting Channels
  • Pay to post
  • Using niche to sell different kinds of services
  • Promoting other companies
  • and many more

We will try to update this article, to provide more ways to increase your entrepreneurial ways of earning money from Discord servers. ONLY Server, not via Bots. Hope you enjoy our article.

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