is a website that was built on the idea of listing websites and reviewing them manually with actual research done by our team, even if it comes to the point of purchasing Membership plans on the website in order to rate them. HubPrix’s Goal is to list every single site or company on the internet with in-depth reviews and screenshots. Similar to Wayback machine but providing actual review and history of every website.

What Features Provides?

  • Rating and Review of websites
  • Detailed Research on the website
  • Alternative and similar websites
  • Tutorials and guides on various topics


What does “Hub” mean in start-up?

Startup hubs are places where founders of young businesses can find the “ideal” conditions to grow their businesses quickly. If they are good, they can take away some of the risk and uncertainty that come with starting a business.

What is the meaning of Rix?

Rix is a Gaulish word that means “king.” It is related to the old Gaelic word R, the Latin word Rex, and the Sanskrit word Rjan.

What is the meaning of Prix?

Prix comes from a word in French, a loanword for price, from Old French pris. A bribe; a reward; especially, the stakes or trophy in a French horse racing or other sporting event: Phrases like grand prix and prix de Rome are writers of usage in English literature.

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