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8+ Best Ways To Grow Your Discord Server

When Discord was initally started, since it was new growing your Discord server was easy, the reason being everyone was looking to create a Discord server & others did not know how to create Discord server.

Now Discord has more than 100+ Million monthly users and creating Discord servers is very easy via templates, No matter why you want to start a Discord server, it can be a great way to meet people who like the same things you do.

But the most important point is, growing your Discord server might be now difficult. It’s easy to set up a Discord server, but it can be hard to get people to join.

In this article, we’ll show you some methods for getting people to join your Discord server right away to grow your audience.

1. Branding Your Group

It is very important to define what your Discord is actually for, is it for gamers, artists, entertainment or something very unique. Perhaps, your Discord server is a marketplace or a place to trade game items like CSGO skins, Fortnite emotes, etc.

Branding helps your Discord server to define it as unique from other Discord servers and worth joining.

It is not a simple process to create branding in the minds of the audience, as it takes time, sometimes years to establish users’ trust on something.

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2. Attractive First Impressions

Well, this is based on my personal experience. It is very important to create an amazing first impression whenever any user joins your discord server, because you don’t just want the user to join your server, You want them to stay on the server for a long time like

  • Catchy Title, Description, color scheme, banner – Making sure the server visuals are pleasing
  • Interactive arrangement of server channels & voice channels
  • It’s not a good idea to give your server a very long name, so make sure it’s easy to remember and sounds professional.

3. Engage With the server Members

Most servers fail to grow because the members in the Discord server lack the engagement level or the participation of the audience to be interactive.

Sometimes the Ego of the server owner or admin or moderator can hugely affect the image of the server, which leads to a decline in members.

This can be done by asking questions, answering messages, and encouraging members to take part in discussions in general.

You could also add attractive text or content that has been formatted into messages to make them stand out during talks.

Doing more feedback & suggestion sections with the audience is important, which most servers lack.

4. Host Various Events & Tournaments

You might be shocked to know that various Discord server have active 5000+ members because they provide features like

  • Premium music bot
  • Regular Events & Prizes
  • Daily tournaments
  • and many more

You can copy what other Discord servers are doing and making sure you are doing it much better.

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5. Make use of Discord Bots

Bots are great for getting things going!

You can use a wide range of entertainment bots to do things like watch YouTube videos, ask for music, make polls, and much more.

And with the new App Directory, you can play around with bots and learn more about them.

In general, bots can help automate many of the boring tasks that come with running a server or responding to messages.

It’s funny, how I was a part of various Discord servers as a moderator. But the server was anyways totally handled by a Discord bot. ( Totally automated process )

6. Do Giveaways & Contests

You might have noticed that various Discord servers are doing well because they do various giveaways & contest to engage with the users. This allows them to indirectly refer more members to their Discord server.

Examples of Contest

  1. Photo, Screenshots, Photoshop, sometimes creative visual contest
  2. Challenges like Highest referrals, Most active users, most interactive user, etc
  3. Doing polls, making the audience choose the winner. [Being transparent in the prize]

7. Reward Users for Tasks

Using various Giveaway bots, or Gleam.io tools to reward users to boost other social media profiles.

By doing this is a win-win situation for both the audience & the owners.

This majorly helps to increase trust among the audience to increase word-of-mouth marketing.

8. Advertise & Add your server in Directories

Well, if you have already tried the above all methods, then you can also try this method to list your server on various 3rd party Discord based directory websites to gain members.

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