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How To Use Discord Audit Log Deleter

Audit logs provide a comprehensive record, in digital format, of virtually everything that happens place on a Discord server.

They basically keep a record of who is kicked out of the server and who kicked them out, as well as bot actions, actions taken that require administrative privileges, and a whole lot more.

Because they are a record of everything that happens place, it is important that they be preserved in as much of their original form as possible. Nevertheless, is it possible to clear audit logs in Discord?

Discord Audit Log Delete Example Preview HubPrix

Simply read this article to learn everything there is to know about the Tutorial on How to Delete Audit Logs in Discord.

  • Launch Discord and click the gear icon located in the upper-right-hand corner of the interface.
  • Click Settings.
  • Under Server and User Settings, click Audit Logs.
  • To delete a log, select it and then click the red X that appears next to it.

No, you guys are not allowed to edit, change, or delete audit logs in any way. This is the short answer.

They are written with higher privileges than even the owners of the server have, and their purpose is to provide an irrevocable record of the activities that take place on the server.

This is a topic that is discussed quite frequently in the forums of Discord, as well as in other online communities. The majority of the time, it is mentioned in conjunction with some strange occurrences, such as mass bans or new admins being added without there being an audit log to correspond with it.

The question then arises as to whether or not it is possible for someone to edit or delete those audit logs in Discord.

In point of fact, the answer is not yes. Discord has reiterated on multiple occasions that the logs are sacred and cannot be altered by any user, regardless of the permissions that they have been granted.

This is a tutorial on How to Delete Audit Logs in Discord

Discord Audit Log Example Preview HubPrix

Audit logs can be thought of as a written record of everything that happens place on a Discord server where admin privileges are required. They do not record members’ daily discussions, chats, direct messages, or other forms of communication. They do not actually record who logs on, when, for how long, or anything else that a member would not want to have a record of in any capacity. The only purpose served by this is to record specific actions taken within that server.

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To be more specific, the actions that require permissions to perform, such as deleting messages, kicking members, adding new members, modifying permissions, adding roles, and all the other things that can be done. In all honesty, that is something that takes place behind the scenes on the typical Discord server.

If you guys have permissions on your server to View Audit Logs or are Administrators, then you can check them out.

  • Launching Discord and subsequently logging in with an account that has those permissions is possible.
  • Select Server Settings from the drop-down menu in the main window, and then choose Audit Log from the menu on the left.
  • Choose an entry to find out the specifics of what it includes in the table.

Further Explanation

On the test server I use for HubPrix, there aren’t that many logs to look through. On the other hand, there will be hundreds upon dozens of logs on a live server that has users.

Additionally, you are able to see at the top level who did what, as well as an overview of what they actually did. You have the option of selecting each entry actually in order to learn more about what really took place.

When you are dealing with hundreds of logs, you might also find it necessary to use the filters that are available on the log page. You should be able to find dropdown menus to the right of the words “Filter by User” and “Filter by Action” in the top right corner of the page that displays the Audit Log.

If you have a large number of logs to deal with and are dealing for a particular item at the same time, then you should come here.

Audit log types

The audit logs that you will see include:

  • Channel creation, deletion, and updates as well
  • Channel permission creation, deletion, and updates
  • Emoji creation, deletion, and updates
  • Invite creation, deletion, and updates
  • Member kicks ban and unbans
  • Also, Member role and nickname updates
  • Role creation, deletion, and updates as well
  • Server updates too
  • Webhook creation, deletion, and updates
  • Message deletion via the users and bots

As you can see, the majority of the actions a server owner or administrator would perform are covered by those three categories. There are also some moderator actions included in there, such as kicking, banning, and unbanning users from the server.

These are the logs that you are most likely to come across or that you will be asked to check the most frequently.

In addition to the audit logs that are kept by default in Discord, you can augment those logs with specific bots that add additional logging capabilities of their own.

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There is a bot that can provide additional information if you require it; however, the standard logs should be sufficient for the majority of scenarios and the majority of server owners.

In point of fact, there are many bots specifically designed for doing that.

Final Words

There is a significant distinction to be made between logs generated by bots and audit logs generated by Discord. The logs that are created by bots can be deleted, in contrast to the logs that are created by Discord itself, which are sacred and cannot be removed.

In order to protect the integrity of your logs and ensure that only people you know and trust can access them, you should take extra precautions to ensure that you restrict permissions only to those individuals.

It was a good experience for me when I used ProBot. I didn’t spend a lot of time looking into the logging aspect of things. On the other hand, if keeping additional logs is actually something you’re interested in doing, it can store a tonne of additional logs in addition to the default logs.

If you guys believe that things are occurring on your server that aren’t being logged, then this feature, along with a tonne of other features, can help. Then you can find out by using this method. Always keep in mind that you should keep bot permissions to yourself in order to guarantee that the logs are sure.

When it comes to managing a busy Discord server, audit logging is a really important tool to have.

If you are fortunate, you won’t ever have a situation in which you need to make use of them. In the event that you do not have such good fortune, you are going to have to spend a significant amount of time going through them!

FAQ on Audit Logs Discord

How do I delete audit logs?
Delete audit logs using one of the following methods:
In the command line interface (CLI), use the “audit log” command:
Audit log -d -u -p
Employ the “audit log-delete” command available in the graphical user interface:
Click “System Settings” > “Audit Policy,” then click “Audit Logs” on the drop-down menu that appears.

What is the lifetime of the audit log in Discord?
Audit logs are deleted after 7 days.

Does the audit log of Discord show messages that have been deleted?
The audit log in Discord does, in fact, contain messages that have been deleted.

Do audit logs expire?
In most organizations, audit logs are deleted after a predetermined period of time has passed, but the parameters of this policy can vary.

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How long does the audit log keep its records?
The length of time that audit logs are kept can range anywhere from several hours to several days. Everything is dependent on the nature of the problem as well as the amount of data that was collected during the audit.

Does Discord keep logs?
Discord does not keep logs.

Does Discord save deleted messages?
Discord saves deleted messages for 30 days. After that, they are deleted from the system in an irreversible manner.

Can Dyno Bot see deleted messages?
Dyno Bot is unable to access messages that have been deleted.

Where can audit logs be viewed on the Discord server?
Audit logs are an important component of Discord’s infrastructure for monitoring the actions of its users. They are able to assist the Discord team in locating problems, finding solutions to those problems, and protecting the platform from abuse.

What can be seen in the audit logs?
Audit logs are a useful tool for a system administrator to keep track of user activity and events within the system. They are able to assist in locating issues such as unauthorized access, system failures, and other problems.

Where exactly are the logs for Discord kept?
The logs generated by Discord are saved on the server that hosts the platform.

How long should a record of the logs be retained?
It is recommended that logs be retained for a period of at least two years. After a period of two years, logs are eligible for review and investigation in order to establish whether or not longer storage is required.

How do you make an audit log channel in discord mee6?
You can access the built-in audit log channel that is included in Discord mee6 by clicking on the three lines that appear in the top left corner of your Discord screen and selecting the “Channels” option. You can then select “New Channel” after selecting “Audit Log” from that menu.

Where can I delete the instructions for deleting an audit log in Office 365?
To delete an audit log in Office 365, open the Office 365 admin center, go to Audits & Compliance > Audit logs, and select the audit log you want to delete. Click the Delete button on the page that contains the audit log’s details.

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