How to Enable Discord Fancy Profile Connection Stats

How to Enable Discord Fancy Profile Connection Stats

Discord connection statistic is currently in an experimental feature available to a limited number of users and might go public for all Discord users soon.

The statistic in your Discord connection basically shows you, the social quick overview analytics.

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How to Enable Profile Details?

Discord Profile Statistic Enable
  1. Make sure you have the social profile connection linked to your account
  2. Under the connection tab, find your social profile
  3. Enable “Display Details on Profile” option
  4. Make sure you refresh the statistic

Note: You might need to refresh your refresh your statistic, maybe in the future this will be automatic.

How is this helpful?

Discord Profile Statisc More details

In my opinion, this is a very useful and amazing new feature introduced. I always wanted such a feature to be introduced by modders in the BetterDiscord community. As it was very annoying to click their profiles or should I say stalk their accounts.

  1. Quick overview of the users is human or bot or scammer
  2. When did the user’s register their account ( DATE )
  3. Quick overview of their profile details like
    – Number of Games on Steam
    – Number of followers on Twitter
    – Karma on Reddit
    – And many more

Which connections show Statistics?

Discord Connection Social 2022

Currently, limited account connection shows such details due to API problem. But socials accounts like following below shows statsitics as of now.

  1. Reddit
  2. Steam
  3. Twitter
  4. TikTok

It will be interesting to see YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and Spotify followers statistics as these are in my opinion the most clicked links to check out their profiles.

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