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7+ Reasons Why New Discord Server Wont Grow Any More

The vast majority of people who use Discord have, at some point or another, made at least one attempt to open their very own “general chatting” servers, and the vast majority of these endeavours have been unsuccessful. However, why?

1. Too Many Discord Servers

too many discord servers

To start, there are just way too many servers out there for us to compete with.

The explosive growth of Discord also means that there are more servers with which to compete, which means that the only way for your server to become successful is through its members, which are subject to who joins the server and the moderation staff, as well as the popularity of the server itself (how big the server is in members).

Because there are so many servers, it is hard for new and smaller servers to compete and expand in an organic fact (without providing a bribe, like giveaways, which many cannot afford).

2. Sake Of Making a Discord Server

Many people make these servers because they want to make a server just for the sake of making a server, without much reason or a reason for why they want to make a server in the first place; creating a boring server that you can find anywhere because everyone else is doing it; which brings me to my next point.

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3. Is anything New Or Original

There is nothing novel or original about it. The failure of these servers to innovate in comparison to their rivals is the primary reason for their lack of success. It’s always the same content in the same oversaturated market, and there’s nothing new on the menu, therefore they’d rather that the members go to their server rather than any other server, as the latter simply brings in more of the same stuff. People will be more likely to flock to your server to see what all the fuss is about and it will build some intriguing hype upon innovation if your server is able to bring in a new dish (more innovative features).

5. Old OG Server are Dominating as Early Start

Another reason why it is likely that your community server will not be successful is the fact that the communities that began in the early days of Discord and are pioneering in today’s servers will always be dominating no matter what, as a result of the early starts and successes. This is one of the reasons why your community server is unlikely to be successful. They also know how to link people up to the servers that they have but also act as a gatekeeper to other servers, which contributes to the increased level of trust that people have in them.

6. Already Having a Fan Base

If you already have an engaged following elsewhere, such as on YouTube, TikTok, or another social media platform, and you decide to open a community server on Discord, you will have a big advantage over other people in the business simply due to the fact that you will have an existing server base.

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7. Too Much of Paid Social Marketing Competition

Let’s address the most obvious issue first: a great number of businesses are launching their own Discord servers, and a variety of websites, including Top.GG and Discords.com as well as a number of other well-known listing websites are providing facilities to advertise these servers. Big corporations are pouring vast sums of money into social media marketing; as a result, this will inadvertently create a number of barriers for new users to overcome in order to expand or compete in the market in order to get new Discord members.


You shouldn’t give up too easily on things like hope. There is always the possibility that you will succeed success in the years to come. As long as you put in the effort, you have a hope of getting a shout-out from someone prominent or becoming somebody big. Maintaining a server is difficult to do, and doing it for absolutely nothing can do damage to you, your mental health, and your dedication levels at all. However, if you are creating a server simply for the fact that you can have a server, and it is difficult to manage or no one is joining your server, then you might want to rethink the decisions that you are making.

That wraps up everything for today, I hope you enjoyed the essay I wrote for today. Be remember to join our official server on Discord if you want to continue discussing this issue or make suggestions for new posts!