Discord CrunchyRoll Partnership

CrunchyRoll Premium Users & Discord Nitro Users Get 1 Month Free Subscription

If you are unaware, CrunchyRoll & Discord are making various amazing partnership deals for the past few years. Discord has been known to offer various free Nitro plans for various campaigns with different companies and the same goes with Crunchyroll trying to expand.

Now that Crunchyroll has created a new Discord server, the to are working together to bring anime fandom closer.

You can join the Crunch Roll Discord server here.

Note: The Subscription offer is for 1 Month ( 30 Days ) & Claim before 2nd December 2022.

Free Discord Nitro for Crunchyroll Premium Users

Well, it’s simple. If you have an active Crunchyroll account that has a premium subscription on it. Then you will be able to redeem a free Discord Nitro on your account.

  • Nitro one-month trial comes with great ways to improve your Discord experience.

Free Crunchyroll Premium For Discord Nitro Users

CrunchyRoll TV Discord Wumpus Users

The same goes with Discord users, If you have an active Discord Nitro on your account, then you will be able to claim a free subscription to Crunchyroll Premium on your account.

  • You can use Crunchyroll to read digital manga when you don’t need sound to enjoy a good story. You can also watch new episodes an hour after they air in Japan.
  • A buffet of 1,000 anime titles and 30,000 episodes that you can watch as much as you want.
  • You can watch anywhere, and you can watch up to four streams at the same time.
  • Load up for that long flight by being able to watch videos offline.
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CrunchyRoll Connection Coming soon To Discord.

You’ll also be able to link your Crunchyroll account to Discord and show your friends what anime, episode, and season you’re watching right now. When your friends are getting to the good part of the season finale of your favourite show, start talking about it.

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