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Top 5 Sites To Advertise Your Discord Server Listing [2022 Updated]

There are more than 3+ Million discord servers right now, and as of writing, these more discord servers are being created every second. Currently, there is heavy competition in discord servers, similar to social media accounts – They more followers > more popularity.

If you are looking for a platform to promote your discord server, to help your server gain more members. If you are hoping to find an amazing website to list your discord server in the competitive market, then we have some cool websites for you.

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Top.gg has been in the market for a long time, it has also purchased various domain names and other small discord server listing sites to be the best-ranked site. it list both Discord Servers and bots on the website. It allows you to submit your server or bot on its platform very easily as it has a fantastic UI.

With its auction / on-site advertising platform, it also easily promotes your server.

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Disboard is also one of the most popular servers listing for discord servers out there. If your discord server is on its intial stage, then listing on this site is recommended. It also has a special bumping feature to promote your server every 15-30 minutes.

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DiscordServers has its own gem-based bumping mechanism and special voting system to promote your Discord server. Listing on this website is also recommended since it provides a good conversion rate to increase members.

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Discords was previously known as discordservers.me. the website had a total revamp making its UI very simple and attractive with various features introduced on its platform like Bots, Emojis, Templates and more. It also has a special premium feature to bump and promote your server.

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Discord.me is another popular listing platform for discord server, it is one of the oldest listing site for discord server & it also introduced listing for discord bots. It is similar to top.gg but has more feature for promotion and bumping for discord servers.

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They are more than 15+ other discord listing platform, but above are some of the best site to list your discord server for better results in conversion to gain organic members. Hopefully, we helped you find the best site for your discord site promotion.

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