Find Someone on Discord Without Tag

3 Best Way To Find Someone on Discord without Username

Discord has a competitive advantage due to the fact that, in contrast to many other social media and networking channels, it provides its users with a wide range of features that are exclusive to the platform. In addition to this, it has consistently added subtle improvements in order to improve the overall user experience.

Well, you could be in a tight spot. Theoretically, there is no other way to add someone to Discord if you don’t know their username. You could still try these things if you can’t get in touch with them or ask them directly for their tag IDs.

Discord Mobile App ID New UI Lookup

Mutual Connections

You can contact people you know through mutual friends or connections and ask them to send you their user IDs.

Finding Their IDs through Social Media / Other Link

There is a high chance that streamers, influencers, and gamers will list their IDs on their profiles if you are looking to add them. This is especially true if you are looking to add a gamer. You could try looking for their phone numbers there a shot.

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Common Groups/ Servers

If you and the person you want to add are both currently in the same Discord server, you can easily obtain their User IDs by following the steps outlined in the following paragraph.

  • Proceed to the shared server or channel.
  • Simply navigate to the top right of your screen and tap on the member list there.
  • Continue scrolling until you come across the user you’re looking for.
  • To view their profile, click on their profile picture.
  • The user should see a screen with their username starting from the bottom.
  • To make a friend request, you can do so by clicking on the “Add Friend” button.

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It is unfortunate that Discord does not provide a means to add someone to your friends list who you may already know in person or for whom you only know their name but not their four-digit code. But we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will implement this feature as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Question On Discord Finding Username

How do you find people on Discord without knowing their username?

You can utilise the look-up features of Discord to locate the person you want to add if you already know that they use the same server as you do or that you are in the same group as them. Simply enter the group or server you want to find them in, type their name into the search field, and you should find them, even if you aren’t friends with them.

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How do I find someone on Discord with only ID?

If you already know the individual’s unique ID and username, finding that person on Discord is as easy as utilising the Add Friend tool. All you need is the relevant information. Launch Discord, navigate to the Home tab, and then click the Add Friend button. It is necessary for you to input both the username and the ID number, such as “DiscordUser#0000.”

How do I find a random person on Discord?

If you input any name or the first few letters of the name you are looking for, Discord will display a list of all of the users that have that name in their profile.

How do I find someone’s Discord profile?

Simply click the user’s avatar within that menu to access their whole profile. You also have the option to right-click on their avatar or username, open the context menu that displays, and then pick “Profile” from that menu.

Can you find someone on Discord with phone number?

The process of establishing a connection with your pals on Discord has just been significantly less difficult. We are excited to introduce Find Your Friends, a feature that will allow you to locate friends on Discord by utilising the contacts stored on your phone.

Can people on Discord see my email?

On the online chat platform Discord, there have been a large number of cybercriminals waiting in the shadows to break into the accounts of unsuspecting users. They are able to read the victim’s email because they have access to the account where it is stored.

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