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How To Discord Schedule Multiple Time Zones

Even if everyone on your server has their time zone set correctly, it can still be hard to schedule anything across multiple time zones. Saying, “Let’s meet up at 7pm,” when no one knows which 7pm you mean, is not very helpful.

There are, however, ways around this.

Using a Timestamp

Discord Hammer Time Bot Overview

Using timestamps is one way to make it easy to schedule things in Discord for people in different time zones.

By posting a timestamp with the right formatting, anyone in a different time zone will see the time adjusted to their time zone. For example, if someone is in a time zone that is five hours ahead of you, posting a timestamp for 12pm will show up as 5pm in their Discord.

You can make timestamps that work on Discord with the help of sites like HammerTime. When you send a message on Discord that has a timestamp, anyone who looks at it will see it in the time zone where they are.

Hammer Time: https://hammertime.cyou/en-GB

Using a Bot

Another option is to add a bot to Discord that can change times so that they are correct for each time zone. On a global Discord server, a bot like Friend Time will help you keep track of the different time zones of your users.

Once Friend Time is set up on your server, any user can get a direct message with the time in their own time zone. To do this, reply with the clock emoji to a message with a time, like “9 p.m.”

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You’ll then get a message in your direct messages with the time zone.

You can look at the documentation for Friend Time to learn more about how to use it on your server.

Friend Time’s: https://novakevin.gitbook.io/friend-time/

Final Words

If you know how to change the time zone in Discord and how to schedule events for people in different time zones, it will be easier to run your server.

There are a lot of other ways that can be done to make Discord better. You can learn how to kick someone off of Discord or ban them if they don’t follow the rules of your server. You’ll need to know how to report someone on Discord if things get really bad. If all of that gets to be too much, you can learn how to play Spotify on Discord to relax.

You’ll always know what time it is, that’s for sure.

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