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Discord Bot Developers Can Monetize their Bot Easily With Subscription Update Coming Soon

Discord is introducing a way to directly support Discord bots through “Bot Premium” which will unlock premium-only commands among other things. This Discord Premium will make it easier for developers when trying to add perks for their bots to support them.

Discord Subscribe Installed Bot

However, a few questions still remain:

  • What happens to your Discord bot when your account gets banned, Disabled, or hacked?
  • How does the subscription work, will there be a refund system?
  • Apart from the common PayPal and Credit Card options, will there be more payment method options?

It is cool for discord to bring the monetization on Bots, but with the current state of the platform of having various bugs and users getting randomly disabled without any proper reason, Discord should be ready with all the criticism for such a new feature. This is indirectly competing against various other subscription-based websites like Patreon.

Myth: Verified Bot Developer, do not get any special priority support unless your Discord bot is on over 200,000 servers. We are personally in contact with several Discord bot developers, who have their bot on over 10,000 Discord servers, last time when these developers contacted Discord it took the team to reply back after 1-3 months.

Hence, It is clearly using this feature is going to be very risky, considering refunds, perks, and bot getting back should be taken care of, and with Discord’s poor support system, it is a total risk.

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