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What Discord Kitten and when did it start?

When someone tries to please someone else on Discord, the user who gives them Nitro is called a “Discord Kitten” or “Sugar baby.” “Kittens Daddies” are the Discord users who pay for kittens. As Kitten Daddies, these Discord users give their kittens Nitro, and the kittens do whatever it takes to please the Daddy.

Basically, they are just “sugarbabies” or “eboys” and “egirls.” If you give them something like nitro, they will become your discord kitten. I think the name comes from how cute kittens are and how they look up to their owners.

Well, everyone would basically look up to the person who gave them nitro. GeorgeNotFound, who is Quackity’s discord kitten, is a great example. However, Dream, who is jealous because he thinks Quackity stole George from him, is behind it.

What is a Discord Kitten, is it an actual thing?

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Sugar baby is another name for this kitten. When Discord users call themselves “Kittens,” they are using a “slang” term that is more often used by users. Discord kittens were first talked about in 2016. In 2019, the term became more popular, and by 2020, it was a well-known meme on Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit, among other places.

How did Discord Kitten get its start?

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On December 31, 2016, a Twitter user named “SlaytypeDA” was the first to use the term “Discord kitten.” In the beginning, over six years, only two people liked his post. This tweet talks about how the term is used in private Discord servers. It started out as a slang term and then spread to more public platforms.

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The first mention of Discord Kittens that we know of was made by Twitter user SlaytypeDA on December 31, 2016. (shown below).

Over six years, it received two likes. Overall, this tweet makes a reference to the fact that the term was first used in private Discord servers, where it became a cliche and slang term before making its way to more public platforms.

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Early in 2017, people on Reddit started writing posts in which they called themselves “kittens” and said they wanted to connect with more people on Discord.

These posts were made in “subreddits,” which are places where people who like the same things can meet. For example, the first known post of this kind on Reddit was made by Redditor Kiibun on January 17, 2017, in the subreddit /r/GamerPals, which is for people to find online gaming friends. In Kiibun’s post, which you can see below, she says that her “kitten name” is “Maggie.”

The post only received two upvotes, but there were nine comments. All of them were from male Redditors who linked to their own Discords and hoped to connect with a kitten.

On September 21, 2017, schwifterr wrote a post called “actual secondhand cringe” and put it on the /r/teenagers subreddit. In the post, they talked about a kid from their school who they know from Discord and who once called a real-life person a “Kitten.” In five years, 27 people received the post . Again, this is a reference to the fact that awareness of the term grew in Discord circles throughout 2017.

In 2018, posts were made on NSFW subreddits like /r/BDSMpersonals and /r/FurryKikPals about being a Kitten and wanting to connect on Discord.

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A Twitter user named strwbearrie posted on August 30, 2019, that “daddy will be back on discord soon, kitten.” The tweet got nine likes over three years . This is the first time someone has used the word “daddy” with the words “Discord” and “Kitten” online. On November 27, 2019, Twitter user Markcord posted a tweet that mentioned both “daddy” and “Discord Kitten.” The tweet has gotten over 110 likes in two years .

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On February 12, 2020, Twitter user HAMMETTBITCH posted a tweet with an image and the words “i’ll be on discord later tonight, kitten.” He was the first person to do this, but he only got four likes over two years . More importantly, on April 14, 2020, a Twitter user named scobesx posted an image of a “Neckbeard Nest” with the words “daddy will be on discord soon, kitten.” This tweet got over 840 likes in two years .

On February 16, 2020, the Instagram page drivers real catholic official posted a Discord Kitten meme that received 39 likes. It was the first post on the platform to do so . On March 17, an Instagram page called beefchomgle posted a screenshot of a Discord user with purple-dyed hair with the caption “don’t worry kitten, daddy will be back on Discord.” The screenshot got about 2,000 likes in two years .

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Redditor weebthrowawyaccount posted a Snapchat screenshot to the /r/justneckbeardthings post on June 25, 2020. The image’s title was “Hop on Discord, kitten,” and in two years, it got more than 300 upvotes.

The term “Discord Kitten” wasn’t added to Urban Dictionary until September 23, 2020, when it was posted by the user k1rbytop1.

Over the past two years, over 680 likes have received the definition . Also included in the definition is the Discord term “Nitro,” which, according to another Urban Dictionary definition, is “pretty much like Discord Premium.”

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The term didn’t become widely known, though, until around the middle of 2021, when Twitch streamers Quackity and GeorgeNotFound became known for being a “Daddy and a Kitten.” The most famous time this happened was on April 26, 2021, when it happened live on stream. The Minecraft Clips 2021 channel took a clip from the stream and put it on YouTube on December 27.

Quackity tweeted “discord kitten” on April 26. Over the next seven months, she received about 274,500 likes .

Is being a Discord Kitten a good thing?

Certainly not! Being a Discord kitten is not a good thing. Being in a relationship like “Discord Kitten and Kitten Daddy” is wrong because kittens are often seen as immature, easily influenced, and inexperienced. The “Daddy” of a Discord kitten (user) is a sharp, sneaky type who tricks other people into thinking they are their “kitten” and helps them reach their goals.


“Sugar babies” are “discord kittens.” A “discord kitten” is someone who tries to please the person who gives them something (usually Nitro). This term was first used by the Twitter user “SlaytypeDA” on December 31, 2016. “Kittens Daddies” are the Discord users who pay for kittens. These Daddies (people who use drugs) give Nitro to the kittens, and the kittens do whatever they can to make the Daddy happy. This blog post talked briefly about what Discord kitten is and some other information that is related.

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