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3+ Ways to use Discord Data Package Explorer Viewer [Hidden Discord Feature]

Utilizing the Discord Data Package Viewer, it is simple to investigate the contents of your Discord data package.

Have you ever been curious about the Data that Discord collects? Or have you ever been curious about what’s hiding behind the curtain of a Discord package?

The Discord Package is a tool that can be personalized, and it gives you the ability to examine your data in an elegant format. You might also share the data you’ve picked with your pals by using the exporting feature on our website.

This information can be pretty tricky to traverse, so we wanted to give you the low down on what is in your Discord Data Package. We also wanted to let you know how we use it, so if JSON and CSV files are spooky

What is inside the Discord Data Package Zip File?

  • Account Details: Your account includes your list of friends, settings, username, email address, avatar, connected accounts, and any transactions you’ve made on Nitro. If you have made any developer applications, they will also be included.
  • Server Details: Your Servers are the servers you have joined. If you own a server, it will also include that server’s icon, settings, roles, permissions, channels, audit log, and any custom emoji that are attached to it.
  • Your Messages: All the messages you’ve sent in servers, direct messages, or group direct messages, unless you or someone else deleted them manually. This folder will also have links to any uploaded attachments.
  • Your Activity: Information about how you use the app, how often you used Discord, what games you played, and what servers you hung out in. This helps us improve Discord and make it more useful for you.
  • Your Programs: Any applications you’ve sent in for HypeSquad, Server Verification, the Partners Program, and other cool stuff.

Why Discord needs this datapack?

The primary goal of accumulating all of this data is to facilitate the operation of Discord. You do have the ability to make changes to your Privacy Settings; however, an excellent illustration of how this information is used is in the functionality of features such as the Games Tab. Let’s take a look inside each folder of your Data Package and see what all of its contents are.
More Details: Discord Support Page

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Features About DDPE Discord Stats Checker

  • View user information
  • View settings like device appearance, servers and emojis
  • View your connections
  • View how much you spent on Discord, and the nitro you got gifted
  • View the amount of channels and users you DMed, your top DMs & channels, How much time you spent on Discord, your character count, your favorite words, links, oldest messages, Discord invite links, and curse words in each top dm and top channel.
  • View user information
  • View settings like device appearance, your favorite emojis
  • View your connections
  • View how much you spent on Discord, and the nitro you got gifted
  • View the amount of channels and users you DMed, your top DMs & channels, How much time you spent on Discord, your character count, your favorite words, links, oldest messages, Discord invite links and curse words in each top dm, and top channel.
  • The number of guilds you are in
  • Your Discord bots
  • Your favorite words, links, Discord invite links, and curse words

Things To Remember Before Downloading your Data:

Discord Privacy Setting all Enabling
  • Make sure your Privacy statistics options are enabled as shows in the above image, as various information will shows as hidden.
  • You might have to wait for 2-3 days to get the mail from Discord for data package.
  • The link that allows you to download your Data Package will remain active for a period of one month.
  • Notepad is a programme that may be used to open JSON files quickly, or you can simply drag and drop the files into a web browser like Chrome or Firefox. Excel and Google Sheets both have the capability of readily opening CSV files.
  • When you manually delete a communication, Discord will no longer keep a copy of it; as a result, it will not be included in the Data Package that you purchase.
  • When you applied to be a part of the HypeSquad, Partner, or Verified Server Programs, you were prompted to submit certain information via the website. This information is stored in the programmes folder. This section will be blank if you have not submitted an application for any of our programmes.
  • Logging into your account through the Help Center will allow you to examine the history of your Support Tickets, which you can use if you need to check on the progress of your data request.
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How to request your Discord Data copy?

  • To access your user settings, click the cogwheel icon in you discord app.
Discord User Setting Click Option Gear Icon
  • Simply click “Privacy & Safety” from the menu.
Request Data Discord Privacy Safety
  • To request your data, scroll all the way down until you reach the bottom, then click on the button that says “Request Data.”
  • Keep checking your email, and download your data as soon as you exceed the limit. (Honestly, just check back again after 2 days)
Discord Package Ready Email Exampple
  • Your data will be sent to the email address that is linked with your Discord account. It may take up to 24 hours for the data to arrive at its destination.
Discord Package Downloaded Example
  • Now you can either open this file via Notepad or use third party website to view your data.

Does the Discord Data Package Explore Sites Store Your information?

According to their Disclaimer Notice on their page it says, “This project does not keep any information on file, and the only third-party service it utilizes is Google Analytics. You are welcome to follow these procedures in order to self-host it yourself if that is something you are interested in doing.”

We know that most of the websites people share on Discord are fake. They tend to steal your credentials and information, but you can rest assured that we are not one of them.

  • We do not store any kind of data.
  • All of our code is open source and can be looked at on the Github repository.
  • We do not have a server in the back. The front end is where everything happens.
  • We use Netlify (Netlify.com) to run the website directly from the main repository. https://app.netlify.com/sites/discordpackage/deploys
  • No database, storage space, or other kind of data is kept.

All The above Disclaimer Information can be found on the github 12# section

Top Popular Discord Package Sites

1. Androz2091 DDPE

Androz2091 DDPE Website Overview

DDPE is a website that, given your Discord Data Package, may generate various statistics. Your device is the one that processes the data; nothing is transmitted to any server at any time.

The Discord Data Package Explorer, or DDPE for short, was made by Androz2091 as a side project on February 19, 2021. Its goal is to use your Discord data package to make interesting statistics. The first version was based on Kaki’s, who also thought of making a website that could read the data packages from Discord.

Github Link: https://github.com/Androz2091/discord-data-package-explorer by Androz2091

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Website Link : https://ddpe.androz2091.fr/

Website Demo Link: https://ddpe.androz2091.fr/stats/demo

Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/Androz2091

Discord Package by Peterhanania Demo Example Preview

2. Discord Package by Peterhanania

Discord Package Open Source Website

An Open Sourced Discord Package Explorer and Viewer that makes it easy to read your data!

Github Link: https://github.com/peterhanania/Discord-Package

Website Link: https://discordpackage.com/

Demo Example Link: https://discordpackage.com/demo

Discord Package by Peterhanania Example Azmarine
Discord Package by Peterhanania Example 2 Azmarine

3. Discord-Recap

Discord Recap Setting Data Pack

Website Link: https://www.discord-recap.com/

Few Reddit Examples For Discord Pack Opener

Frequently Asked Questions on Discord Data Package

1. How do I get a Discord data package?

You have the ability to obtain a copy of the personal information that you have provided to us throughout the duration of your account by heading to User Settings -> Privacy and Safety and selecting the button labeled “Request all of my Data.”

This can be done if you would like to make such a request. This button is available in all of the places where you can use Discord, including the desktop app, the browser, and the mobile app!

2. What is included in Discord data package?

Your Servers refers to all of the servers that you have joined. If you own a server, it will also include the icon for that server, as well as its settings, roles, permissions, channels, audit report, and any custom emoji that are associated with it.

Your Messages All of the direct messages, group direct communications, and servers messages that you have sent, unless they have been manually erased by you or someone else.

3. Does Discord keep data?

We will keep your personal information for as long as it is necessary for us to do so in order to fulfil the purposes for which we collected it. In a general sense, this implies that we will keep all of your personal information for as long as you maintain an active account on Discord.

4. Does Discord sell user data?

We don’t sell your data. The foundation of our company is comprised of paid products and memberships. We place restrictions on the information that must be provided. We need the information that will allow us to create your account, deliver our services, fulfil our responsibilities to our users, and complete the criteria set forth by the law.

Read this article for more information: Discord Detailed Research

5. Does Discord data package have deleted messages?

It has come to our attention that messages that you delete do not, in fact, disappear. Even though you may not be able to view them, Discord continues to store them in the database.

The team behind Discord does not even have a clear answer regarding when the message will be removed once the user has deleted the data.

6. What is deleted user 0000?

Deleted User (any random number and letter combination) #0000 is the typical representation of a deleted account. (Random discriminator)

This could be the result of the user deleting their account on their own accord, or it could be the result of the user violating the Terms of Service and having their account disabled or deleted as a result of their actions.

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