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14 Features That Every Online Competitive eSports Game Must Add

Every gamer always wonders why these features aren’t added and how much better the game would be if they were. These ideas should be added to and used in every competitive game.

Every competitive game has some things in common, like Toxicity, Bulling, Raging, and so on. Even the people who make games know about it and are working hard to improve their tech and come up with new ways to deal with it.

These are some features that users would like to see in eSport Based Games or Any Online Game.

Examples of Online Games include:

  • Fortnite
  • Valorant
  • PUBG
  • Call Of Duty
  • Overwatch
  • Dota 2
  • Fifa
  • CSGO
  • Minecraft
  • and the list goes on

1. Separate Matchmaking Lobby Different Types

a) Voice Chat & Non-Voice Chat Based Lobby

Now hear me out, I am pretty sure you might have faced this situation very often now and it is very common.

Say, for example, you are playing CSGO or Valorant. Now games of such niche require a lot of communication and coordination in order to win matches. But the annoying part is, your team does not have mic or does not want to use their mic for communication.

If only such games have a separate matching with & against players that also does not use a microphone, by that way it wont ruin the gameplay experience of the voice chat based lobby.

b) AFK Gamers Lobby

I am not sure if game developers are aware of this, but there is literally a marketplace out there where AFK scripts are being sold for different types games for

  • XP Grinding
  • Accidentally winning games by AFK
  • Increasing Game play hours to later sell accounts
  • Ruining the Game experience for players
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Such accounts are later sold on the dark market, but here the worst part is having to match with such types of players.

In my opinion, there should not be second chances for gamers using or behaving such a way, if they are AFK for any reason the following punishment should be given as a penalty

  • Longer match-making queue
  • Suspension for a few hours or days
  • Playing with past AFK gamers is detected by the system as a form of punishment.

c) Keyboard & Controller Players

There are several games where both Keyboard based & controller-based games are well balanced to a point that both can play in the same match, Like for example Fortnite or Overwatch or Rocket League.

But it would also be better for competitive games to introduce a toggle option to have a dedicated lobby against players who only play on a Keyboard or controller which disables the other gamepad.

Reason: Several games sometimes provide aim assist features on the controller & special hidden keybinds on the keyboard. Gamers find loopholes to play with both gamepads to dominate the match by instantly switching between the two gamepads depending on the situation.

For Example, there was a loophole discovered, where players in the game of Fortnite, used both controllers to headshot other gamers and later switch back to the Keyboard for normal gameplay.
Link to the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vQ2jRBF-8g

2. Satisfaction Feedback after Reporting a player

It is really annoying and discomforting when your gaming experience gets ruined because of a toxic noob gamer who is being a bully and throwing a game.

The worst part about this is that, even after reporting the users with the inbuilt game report feature, we do not feel satisfied by the report function, they are several headlines in the news in which players went to extreme limits to take revenge in real life due to their mental condition when they face such problems.

The point here is that, it’s high time that Esports games should work on improving the report function and revamping the feature like

  • Publicly displaying a number of reports a user had
  • When was the account created (Counter against Smurf)
  • Number of matches played
  • Previous reports & suspensions on the accounts
  • Removing the account Private feature
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3. Ability to avoid a Teammate Forever

If you have played this game called OverWatch. Then you are aware of this feature called “Avoid the TeamMate”.

To be honest, I really love this feature, to the point, I am really a fan of the developer who introduced this feature.

I’ve played more than one game of CSGO, Valorant, and Fortnite. And it happens to me often that I have to play with or against a teammate who is either bad at the game or a toxic person.

Every gamer obviously wished that every esports game has such a feature.

Idea From: Overwatch

4. Toggle function to queue into cross-platform console matches

Well, it’s obvious that Fortnite’s cross-platform feature shocked the whole gaming industry. Now, players on PC, PS4, and Xbox can all play in the same lobby.

But if you are a solo competitive gamer who only wants to rank and play against people on the same platform, there should be a switch to turn on, if you want to play with people on other platforms.

Idea From: Fortnite

5. AI Bot-Based Offline Competitive Games For Learning

If you have played the offline version of Counter Strike Global Offensive, then you know what I am talking about.

To be honest, I learned to play competitive games by grinding on offline AI-based CSGO lobbies because obviously, the internet connection during those days was not stable as well. It mostly acted as a tutorial guide for me as a learning curve to understand the game.

Most competitive games of today goes straight into the action of gameplay without any proper tutorial to understand the concept.

This would also help the young generation to play and enjoy the gameplay experience with AI bots rather than Toxic lobbies.

Idea From: CSGO

6. Ability to Kick a Player from the match

Again, this feature was most commonly used in various matches of CSGO, to counter against toxic gamers for their annoying behavior.

Although, sometimes gamers also misuse this feature.

I personally really like this feature against bully gamers in various matches, who do the following annoying kinds of stuff like

  • Doing team damages
  • Sabotaging your own team, by revealing financial, positions, strategies
  • Not coordinating & destroying the experience

Idea From: CSGO

7. Vouching System For Gamers

Think of it as a survey, a Feedback system but for players to help the system understand how valuable a particular gamer is.

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There is however a report feature for a toxic gamers, but also having a vouching system like positive feedback for gamers is also important for better matchmaking for such players.

Idea From: CSGO, Overwatch

8. Special Man of the Match Highlights Replay

To be honest, when I first played Overwatch and after the end of the match just before the scoreboard reveals, I watched a small video replay of myself being called as the Man Of The Match with the most damage.

This really motivated and impressed me to play better at every match.

Having such a rewarding type of montage for gamers as it can really help them to be motivated to play better at each round.

Idea From: Overwatch

9. AFK Timeouts & Remakes

Let’s all agree and admit the fact that, few competitive games should add AFK timeouts or some kind of perks or feature that indirectly helps the player to be AFK for a few seconds.

Obviously, this might not be implemented in every game, I cannot think of any possibilities for games like Fortnite, or PUBG to have AFK timeouts.

But few games which are rounds based like Valorant, CSGO, Overwatch, etc. Should implement a few seconds-based AFK timeouts feature for both teams.

Idea From: CSGO, Valorant

11. Introducing More Dedicated Regional Based Servers

This is really the most triggering part of any game, wherein you are playing your beloved game at 150 Ping and your opponents are playing at 5 Ping.

Honestly speaking, I am still waiting for games like Fortnite, Rocket league, Call Of Duty to introduce more regional based servers.

Few games also have region locks, this has to be removed.

13. Say No To Smurf Gamers

You might have heard of the word Smurf everytime you are losing a game and it turns out that the opponent it carrying with the team with the highest kills.

I am pretty sure, every game company has enough data to differentiate if the user is new to the game or smurfing with a new account.

Well smurfing is a endless cycle which continues in every game, and their has to be a stop.

14. Launcher AutoUpdate Notification

Did you ever faced this situation when you just came home from work, as per your normal routine you are about to play a game, but the stupid long update pop’s up.

Not sure why, but various game launcher do provide this feature of autoupdating, but still it does not seem to be working all the time.

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