Discord Message History Blocked View

Discord Fix For You Do Not Have Permission To View The Message History

When it comes to social apps, users absolutely adore Discord due to the fact that the application brings in a variety of ways in which users can communicate with one another. You can find out everything about what your friends have been up to by using Discord, and you can also text them whenever you want to.

You should normally be able to view all of the messages that have been sent in a channel once you have joined a Discord server. In relation to this topic, we have observed that particular user’s trouble difficulties when viewing messages of this kind.

They have mentioned the circumstances under which they were presented with the message “You do not have permission to view the message history on Discord.” Consider adhering to the procedures mentioned in the following paragraphs in order to troubleshoot this particular problem:

1. Reloading the Current Page

It’s possible that a simple bug in the application is the reason why you are unable to view these messages on Discord. If this is the case, then we apologise for the inconvenience. Reloading the entire Discord page is the first thing you should refresh if it appears that this is the case you are having with the service.

To accomplish this, simply press the CTRL and R keys simultaneously on your keyboard, and this should cause your Discord to refresh itself automatically. You could also try closing and reopening the application to see if that helps.

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2. It’s Possible That You Don’t Have Permission

Another reason why you might not be able to access and read these messages is that you might not have permission to do so. If this is the case, then you won’t be able to. To be more specific, it is possible that the owner of the server does not give you permission to view older text messages.

You can check for your roles within the Discord server to see if that is the case and confirm whether or not that is the situation. Your only option, in the thing that your role does not have the given permission to view old message history, is to ask an administrator and request that they permit you to do so.

3. Getting in Touch With Support

If you are still having trouble viewing the message history, we suggest getting in touch with the support team so they can assist you further. Know sure that you inform them about the problem that you are currently dealing with. In a similar vein, they should provide you with additional explanations as to the possible reasons why you are unable to view a particular message history on a Discord server. Feel free to ask them about it if anything is unclear to you in that case.


The message “You do not have permission to view the message history on Discord” is one of the more common ones that will appear on your screen if the administrator of the server has not assigned you the role required to view previous text messages. But if you want to view these messages on a Discord server, you will have to bring this up to the admins of the server and ask them to give you permission to do so. If you do this, you will be able to view the messages.

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