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What is Discord Timestamps ? Explained in Detailed

All users of the Discord app can use the messaging feature to talk to other users. Messages sent on Discord have timestamps that show the date and time of the text, emoji, or other media that was sent.

A Discord timestamp is a piece of information that shows when and where a message was sent. With timestamps, Discord users can figure out when an event is scheduled to happen or set reminders for other server members.

All versions of Discord have different timestamps, and users can format any of them by following a few steps.

So, this guide tells you everything you need to know about timestamps in Discord. With the information in this post, it’s easy to send messages and show your preferred timestamps in the inbox of the person you’re sending them to.

Can You Write Date and Time in Discord?

You can write the date and time in Discord in number of different notations, and you can use different timestamps that match the settings of the receivers.

What Time and Date System Does Discord Use?

The time and date are shown on Discord in two formats: English (US) and English (UK). 
English in the United States uses the MM/DD/YYYY format with 12-hour notations (12 hours of AM and PM each). 
The English (UK) system shows 24-hour times in the format DD/MM/YYYY (00:00HRS – 23.59HRS)

Can You Mention Time in Discord Messages?

UNIX shortcut is the only way to talk about the time in Discord message. 
Shortcuts in UNIX can be sent as binary code so that they show up in the time zone of everyone who gets your message.

How to See Timestamps on Discord

Step 1: Sign in to your account on Discord.

Sign in to your Discord account at www.discord.com, which is the official site. Access your login email or username and password in the spaces provided to get into your account.

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When you access in to your Discord account, you can see the dashboard for that account. You can find the Messages window at the bottom of your server’s main page or by going to your Home tab and clicking on Direct Messages.

Step 2: From your server, send a message.
After your Discord server sends a message, it will show up at the bottom of your screen. The time your message was sent will show right above your message.

Step 3: Move your mouse pointer over the date on your message
Move your mouse pointer to where the date of your message is shown (circled in red above). If you move your mouse over the message’s date, you’ll see its unique timestamp.

How to See a Timestamp for Each Individual Message Discord

Step 1: Sign in to your account on Discord.
Go to www.discord.com and access your login information to get to your account.

Step 2: Find any message you’ve sent or received in your server’s inbox. On the main page of your server, you can see all the messages youfind sent and received. Move your mouse over a message to see when it was sent.

Step 3: Move your mouse over the date on your message.
When you put your mouse pointer over the date of a message on your server, you can see when it was sent. Every message on Discord has a unique timestamp that lets people know when it was sent.
You can also see the timestamps of individual messages in a thread by moving your mouse over the left side of the timestamp.

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How to Turn Off Timestamps on Discord

Using the “Inspect” function of your web browser, you can turn off timestamps on Discord. When you press Ctrl + Shift + I, the window at the bottom of your screen will appear. Then click on the icon that says Select (marked in red below)

Next, choose any timestamp you want to get rid of and press.

It has “timestamp:display:none” in its window. It’s worth noting that this method might not work on all browsers.

How to Change Timestamps on Discord

Find the time and date window on your device to change the time stamps on Discord.

Most phones with Android or iOS have this option under the Settings tab. This option is in the Control Panel and System Preferences windows on Windows and Mac PCs, respectively.

Set your device’s timestamps to display in the time zone you want. To make all the changes take effect, click “OK” and then restart your device.

As soon as you save these changes, Discord will display timestamps in the time zone you selected.

How to Change to 12–Hour Clock on Discord

Step 1: Sign in to your account on Discord.
Go to www.discord.com in your Web browser to sign in to your Discord account.

Step 2: select on “User Settings.”
Click on User Settings in the bottom left corner of your Discord dashboard.

Step 3: Click Language
Then, click on Language to see a list of languages that Discord supports.

Step 4: select “English” (US)
If you choose US English, your Discord clock will change to a 12-hour format. If you switch to English (US), the date format on your account will also change to MM/DD/YYYY.

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