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How Video Games Help Millions Of Gamers Globally?

There is advantages & disadvantage in every aspect of help, and in a few cases, it might have a big impact on our life.

In this current generation of gaming & gadgets, the most asked question by millions of parents & guardians around the world is:

  • Is VideoGame good for health?
  • Should children really play online games?
  • Does gaming damage the brain cells of young kids?
  • Is Video Game an Addiction?

Well, the answer to such questions varies from person to person, on how they are being treated.

But Yes, It is proven by various research that Video Games does have several positive benefits in life + various big companies in the gaming niche are hiring gamer.

Some common benefits which you might have already heard of in various videos & news articles are:

  1. Makes the user more creative
  2. Increase the power of concentration
  3. Improves memory power
  4. Helps understand different languages & culture
  5. Understanding the meaning of teamwork
  6. Having patience
  7. Better decision-maker skills
  8. Have experience in the Anti-Social world
  9. Quick Reflex skills & Eye Coordination
  10. Teaches problem-solving skills
  11. Always learning something new
  12. Sometimes also helps in learning History, Educating ourselves
  13. Helps in making friends in real life easily
  14. Always being motivated & taking challenges seriously By Grinding
  15. Helps us in finance, & inventory management skills
  16. Makes you be more competitive and understand whats more important
  17. Might also improve your IQ and senses
  18. A Form of Therapy, a place to talk about things

Above were just a few examples, of the advantages of Video games. I am sure the list goes on based on gamers’ experience.

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