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Discord Backup Codes: Explained in Detailed

If you are looking for a solution to the question “How to get Discord backup codes,” then you should check out the given helpful tips and tricks as well as guides. In order to give you the most complete and comprehensive solution possible, we have compiled a list of all the relevant questions.

This article tells everything there is to know about Discord backup codes, including what they are, how to use Discord backup codes, how to generate Discord backup codes, what to do if you lose your Discord backup code, and much more.

What Are Discord Backup Codes?

A Discord backup code is an 8-digit code that can be used to log into your Discord account in the event that you have been locked out of it. It is a backup of the six-digit two-factor authentication (2FA) code that is used for logging in to Discord along with the username and password for the Discord account that is protected by the 2FA. The Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of protection that must be completed in order to log in to Discord; while its use is voluntary, it is strongly encouraged for reasons of security.

A Discord account’s backup code is NOT the same thing as the password for that account.

How do I find my 6-digit backup code Discord?

Use the QR scanner that comes with Authy (or the one that comes with Google Authenticator) on the code that is provided within Discord here: This will produce a six-digit code that serves as the concluding step in enabling two-factor authentication in Discord. After you enter it, you will be all set to go.

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How to Enable 2FA?

How to Enable 2FA - Discord app Tutorials

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, has quickly become one of the most popular security methods utilized by Discord users. And despite the fact that many users are interested in utilizing this service, they do not understand how to set up two-factor authentication. Therefore, they should follow this instruction guide.

  1. On your mobile device, install an authentication app such as Google Authenticator, Authy, or 1 Password, amongst others.
  2. Launch Discord, navigate to the User Settings menu, and under the My Account tab, click the Enable Two-Factor Auth button.
  3. In the new window that just popped up, use the authentication app on your device to scan the OR code. You could also just enter the 2FA Key into the software that handles authentication.
  4. You will be given codes consisting of six digits by the authenticator.
  5. Enter one code into the popup window that appears on Discord, and then click the Active button.

How do I find backup codes?

  1. Develop a set of backup codes and locate them.
  2. Launch the Settings application on your Android app or tablet.
  3. Tap Google. Take control of your Google Account here.
  4. Tap the Security option at the very top.
  5. Tap the 2-Step Verification button that’s located under the heading “Signing in to Google.” It’s possible that you’ll need to sign in.
  6. Under “Backup codes,” tap Continue .
  7. You have the ability to.

Discord Backup Codes Generator

Discord Backup Codes Generator - Discord App Tutorials

The question then is how to generate backup codes for discord. Using the Discord program makes it simple. In the case that you are unable to generate a two-factor authentication code, Discord provides you with backup codes. If you follow the steps below, you will be able to get your backup codes in a hurry.

  • Step 1: You need to do is log in to Discord.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the User Settings menu.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the My Account section and click View Backup Codes.

Each backup code can only be used successfully once. I kindly ask that you NOT give anyone else access to your backup codes. In case, it is strongly suggested that you store them in a secure location in the event that you are unable to access the authentication app.

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How do I get my Discord backup code without login?

Therefore, in the event that you are precautious enough to set your phone number as a backup to the fa method, you are going to receive a code that you can use to log into your discord account.

How do you get rid of 2FA on Discord without the code?

Turn off the two-factor authentication on Discord (for both the desktop and the web client).

After opening the Discord app or website on your personal computer, navigate to the bottom-left corner of the screen and click the gear icon labelled Settings.

To disable two-factor authentication on Discord, go to the “My Account” tab and turn for the section labelled “Password and Authentication.” From there, click the button labelled “Remove 2FA.”

How do I get my old Authenticator on my new phone?

Instructions on how to transfer Google Authenticator codes to a new phone

  • The Google Authenticator app needs to be downloaded onto your new phone.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner of your old phone, navigate to Transfer accounts, and then select Export accounts from the menu that appears.
  • After making your selections, select the accounts that you wish to transfer to your new phone, and then tap the Next button.

How to Disable Discord 2FA?

Discord Backup Codes - Discord App Tutorial - 2fa Remove

You are able to turn off the two-factor authentication on your account if you are still able to access your Discord account or if you still have access to the backup codes for your account.

  • #1 Navigate to the User Settings menu.
  • #2 click Remove 2FA from the menu.
    Discord Backup Codes - Discord App Tutorial - 6 digit 2fa code enter
  • #3 Kindly enter the six-digit authentication code. Alternatively, simply enter your eight-digit backup codes into the corresponding column.

When you enter the backup codes, you need to check to make sure there are no dashes or spaces within them. Otherwise, you will receive an error message stating that your Discord backup code is invalid.

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What if I lost my Google Authenticator?

You are able to revoke the old backup codes and obtain new ones in the event that you have lost the previous ones.

  • Navigate to the section of your Google Account that is labeled “2-Step Verification.”
  • Select Display the codes.
  • Select Get new codes.

Discord Backup Codes File Location

Discord Backup Codes File Location - Discordapp Tutorials

In the event that you are unable to access your smartphone and you have locked yourself out of your Discord account, you will need to use the backup code in order to regain access to your account. Where can I find the backup codes for Discord?

You will be able to view your backup code along with your current password if you are currently logged into Discord on any device, whether it be a desktop computer, mobile device, or web browser.

On the other hand, there is still a chance for you to recover your Discord account if you are able to find the file titled “discord backup codes.txt” on your computer.

When it discusses the discord backup codes txt file, there ought to be a premise that you have ever clicked Download Backup Codes in Discord. This is because the txt file contains the backup codes for discord. To put it another way, if you haven’t manually saved a copy of your Discord backup codes, there won’t be a file in this format.

  • Let’s say that you have locally saved copies of your backup codes. After selecting the “Download Backup Codes” option, you need to answer the question of where you want to save your codes. If this is the case, you should be familiar with the location of the discord backup codes.txt file.

Discord Lost Backup Codes

If you are completely locked out of your account, and you do not have a backup code handy, then you will be unable to retrieve your account at all. You alone are able to remove two-factor authentication for your Discord account; the support team is unable to do so. In order to continue using Discord, you will need to sign up for a brand new account.


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