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Top 5 Popular Fun Discord Server in Member Count

Discord in simple words is a place where you can instantly chat with people in discord servers or discord groups or even direct message each other similar to Facebook. There are currently over 3+ Million discord servers, and each day a new discord server is being created in different niches like Gaming Servers, Programming based discord servers, or Technology.

Below is a list of Top 5 Discord Servers in terms of the member count.

1. Lofi Girl

The friendliest community amongst discord server, where you can meet amazing people from all around the world. You must have heard of Lofi Girl during your study times, its a popular discord server

Current Discord Server Members: 724,000

Join Discord Server Here – https://discord.gg/lofigirl

Lofi Girl - Discord Server

2. Chill Heaven

Chill Heaven is a large anime & social community founded in 2020, with over 450,000+ members – rapidly growing daily. The purpose of the server is for everyone to socialize, hangout with others and discuss various topics, not just anime!

Current Discord Server Members: 554,000

Join Discord Server Here – https://discord.gg/emotes

Chill Heaven - Discord Server

3. Anime Soul Discord

Welcome to the Largest Anime Discord Community in the World! Its goal is to bring Otakus, Anime fans, and Gamers from around the world! Their network has multiple discord server, but this dedicated discord server has the most active members on its discord server.

Current Discord Server Members: 616,000

Join Discord Server Here – https://discord.com/invite/otaku

Anime Soul - Discord Server

4. Memeology

A family-friendly memes-related server. No NSFW, no racial slurs or anything like that. Welcome to the funniest dankiest memeiest server on discord. share and create memes and make friends for life here

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Current Discord Server Members: 496,000

Join Discord Server Here – https://discord.com/invite/memes

Memology - Discord Server

5. ChillZone

When you want to chat about something which isnt central on any topic like sports, movies, or games or just want to have fun or timepass, then Chill Zone is the best server for you. You can also post photos, have fun streaming and meet new friends.

Current Discord Server Members: 385,000

Join Discord Server Here – https://discord.com/invite/chill

Chill Zone - Discord Server

There are few dedicated websites that can help you find a Discord Server, such sites can be very helpful to explore new discord servers. Such sites provides amazing filtering options to provide a particular discord according to your needs like DiscordList, FindADiscord, DiscordHome, Discord.me, Disboard.org, Discords, Top.gg and various other such amazing sites.

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