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Discord Server When Owner’s Account Gets Disabled or Deleted?

When you have ownership of a Discord Server, and your account gets accidentally deleted by yourself or via Discord it gets disabled if you break their terms of service. Ownership of the server will not be transferred to anyone and will remain with the inactive account, the server will not be deleted, and the server will not be deleted, even if the account was deleted over a year ago.

Discord Server Owner Deleted

What Happens To Discord Server?

Servers stay and anyone with Admin permission within them can request an ownership transfer via Support. If and only if the server has at least 100 members, you may contact discord support to get ownership transferred. It depends, does your server have more than 100 members, and do you have moderation and/or administration permissions? These are the two fundamental bases to be able to transfer a server, after having made the request, as Discord is very long it will take about 1 month to have ownership of the server.

Discord Account Deleted

Discord Guidelines

Discord has guidelines in place for support to transfer ownership of servers should the owner account be disabled, or if the owner has gone inactive for a period of time. Usually, they require a certain number of users on the server as well as the requester to be in a second-in-command position, or the nearest equivalent (admin/moderator)

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It is always very important to create backup plans in the events of such cases, as there are several events where users were not able to claim back their Discord server or had various mail conversations with no satisfying results.

Example of Mail Conversation With Discord for Small Server 

“We apologize for the troubles, but upon review of your account/server, we will not be able to transfer the server ownership. We recommend creating a new server instead, and then creating and sharing an invite link by posting the link within the old Discord Server so that everyone active within the old server can join the new server.”

Frequently Asked Questions on When Owner’s Account Gets Disabled or Deleted

What happens to a Discord server when the owners account gets deleted?

Once upon a time, my friend had a Discord server, but his account has now been removed; what will become of the server’s ownership? It will remain in that location with the owner set to a user who has since been erased. Even if everyone else is unable to chat on it, they can still use it.

Do Discord accounts disabled by Discord get deleted?

After 14 days, disabled accounts are removed from the system, which means there is no trace of the account ever having existed.

What happens if your account gets disabled on Discord?

If your account has been disabled, it is simple to enable it again, however deleting your account is a permanent and irreversible action that cannot be reversed. During the time that your account is disabled, you will not be notified of anything at all. People will still be able to send you friend requests, and those requests will remain in a queue until you log in to your account once more.

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What happens to a server when the owner leaves?

The “ownerless” server will continue to exist for a period of time, but the service will remove it at some point in the future. Make sure that you transfer ownership of the server to another user on the server if you want it to continue operating after you step down as administrator.

Can you have 2 owners of a Discord server?

The owner of a server can never be more than one person at a time.

Does Discord report you to the police?

In accordance with 18 U.S.C. 2702, Discord cooperates with law enforcement agencies in situations involving immediate danger and/or the risk of self-harm. We immediately notify the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about any content depicting child abuse as well as the individuals who are responsible for posting it.

How long until Discord deletes a disabled account?

You absolutely need to keep in mind that the suspension of access to your account will only last for 14 days, and that after that period of time, the account will be cancelled automatically.

Is a disabled Discord account permanently?

If you get any friend requests while your account is deactivated, those requests will be saved and ready for you to accept once you enable your account again. On the other hand, if you decide to remove your account, the account will be marked for deletion for good once some time has passed. When a user account is deleted, the action cannot be undone.

What does a disabled Discord account look like to others?

If an account has been deleted or disabled, another sign will be that “mutual connections” between the user and another user will no longer be displayed if the two users previously shared friends. This is because the user whose account was terminated or disabled no longer actively uses the service.

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