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MidJourney is Now The Largest Discord Server in 2022

Midjourney is now officially the largest Discord server with more than 2,000,000 Members on its server.

As compared to other popular discord servers like Genshin, Minecraft, Fortnite which currently are stuck at a server limit cap and under 1,500,000 members on their server.

About MidJourney

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Midjourney has been well-known in the AI art world for months, and recently it has been talked about by the BBC, Washington Post, The Guardian, Bloomberg, CNN, The Verge, Kotaku, etc. And those are just the ones I found when I searched for “Midjourney” in Google News.

Recently, a user sent Midjourney-generated art (that he had edited) to a small art contest and won. The contest organisers didn’t have a problem with it, but that really put AI-generated art in the spotlight. There is a lot of agreement that it is a good thing, but there is also some disagreement about it.

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Midjourney is a research lab that makes a programme similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E that uses artificial intelligence to make pictures from text.

The tool is now in its open beta phase, which began on July 12, 2022. David Holz, who helped start Leap Motion, is in charge of the Midjourney team.

Midjourney uses a business model called “freemium,” which has a limited free tier and paid tiers that offer faster access, more space, and more features. In August 2022, Holz told The Register that the company was already making money. Users use Midjourney and Discord bot commands to make art.

Discord Server Limit Cap Increase

As communities on Discord grow, it is important that moderation teams support the server well and make sure it is a safe place for the community.

To help reach this goal, we have limits on the member of people who can support a server. This helps make sure that Discord users have a great experience and that server owners and their moderator teams get the help they need to support healthy communities.

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If your server’s maximum member of members is getting close, you’ll need to ask our team for permission to grow more than 250k members. When that server comes, we’ll look at your server and decide if it deserves a server member cap increase.

They did it at a Christmas event last year. The original limit was 500K, but it was changed to 1M so that more people could join the townhall, which was where new things that were only available on that server were shown. It was then changed to 1.5M or just 2M so that people would keep joining, and when the event was over, they just left it at 2M.

To decide if a server’s member cap should be raised from the Discord Support, the following must be true:

  • You must have less than 10,000 players on your server before you need a server cap increase. – You must have an active moderator team and rules and guidelines.
  • Age-restricted channels are properly gated if they are allowed on the server.
  • There are no ongoing Trust and Safety problems, like unresolved warnings for Terms of Service or Community Guidelines violations or a lot of reports.
  • A member retention rate of more than 10%

How to Submit Request To Increase Discord Server Cap Limit?

Discord Support Message Report Spam Suppport Hubprix
  • Step 2: To start the submission process, click “Submit a Request” in the upper right corner. On this page, you’ll need to choose Help & Support under “What can we help you with?”
  • Step 3: Two new text fields will select for you to choose from. Make sure to choose “Server Member Cap Increase Request” in the “Type of question?” field.
  • Step 4: Once you’ve chosen “Server Member Cap Increase Request,” you’ll need to fill out the application with all the information our team needs to review it, such as:
  1. A permanent server invite
  2. Verification that your server follows our guidelines
  3. Verification that your server is set up for community
  • Step 5: When you’re done filling out this information, you can press “Submit,” and your application will be sent to the Discord team for further review.
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MidJourney Social Links

Frequently Asked Questions About MidJourney

Is Midjourney free?

On Midjourney, you can make your first 25 images for free. But you won’t be happy stopping at 25! With a Basic Membership monthly subscription, you can create up to 200 images. If you work in “relaxed” mode, you can make as many creations as you want with the Standard Membership. You can get results faster. But you can only stay there for 15 hours. There is also a membership for businesses.

Midjourney and Copyright Image Issues?

By default, images generated on MJ are open to the public. What you make is clear to everyone. You can even change what other people make by upscaling something you like or asking for changes. On the other hand, you can see and learn from the prompts that other people make. To use the app, you have to be cool with the fact that the platform is open to the public. But if you can’t stand having your account public, you can pay a fee to make it private.

You can do whatever you want with your art if you pay for an account. One way to do this is to sell them. The company can, however, use your picture. Since you created the images on a public forum, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use them only. Even when things are simple, copyright law is hard to understand. When you add AI to the mix, it makes for some interesting copyright cases. We don’t yet know how copyright issues will play out with AI.

Can Midjourney Post-Process Photos?

Midjourney can edit photos taken with a camera. No, is the short answer. This is not an image to edit pictures. You can get images based on your photo and what you tell it to do. But you won’t get a version of your photo that has been changed after it was taken.

To base your image on an existing photo, start the prompt with the web address of the photo. I usually save images to Dropbox or Google Drive and copy the link to them.

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How do I get access to Midjourney?

First, you have to install Discord and sign up for an account. It is free. Then, to get into MidJourney Beta, you’ll need an invitation code. There are three ways to get the code right now.

  • https://www.midjourney.com/ Click “Apply for Beta” on the site and fill out the information that comes up. Once you pass the application, you’ll get an email with the invitation code. Still, no one knows how long it will take to look over an application. So be sure to fill out as much information as you can.
  • Users who pay $10 or $30 for a subscription will get 5 invitation codes. Each code can make a link that lets one person join the server. You can get an invitation from someone who already has access to MidJourney.
  • As of June 17, 2022, members of this Facebook group, Midjourney AI, can ask for invitations by following the rules of the group.

If you are invited, each free account will have a 20–25 image quota to try out MidJourney Bot. When your quota is used up, you can sign up for Basic Membership or Standard Membership.

If you want to pay for a subscription, you might wonder, “How do I get a code?” At this time, the answer is no. You can only subscribe if you are invited by one of the above methods.

How much does Midjourney AI cost?

Once you’re in the Discord dashboard, you’ll only be able to make a certain number of free images.

In my case, I had free access and was able to make 25 images.

After that, you can get a paid subscription if you want to. The Standard subscription costs $30, while the Basic one only costs $10.

You can cancel your subscription or upgrade it at any time, but the cancellation won’t take effect until the end of the current billing cycle.

If you change your mind, you can bring back your plan before the end of the cycle.

Can Midjourney be used commercially?

If you work for a company that makes more than $1 million a year in gross sales, you will be able to use images for business purposes. Every time you purchase or renew this plan, your “fast” time is set to 120 GPU hours, which is 7,200 GPU minutes.

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