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14 Best Ways to Identify Fake Discord Alternative Accounts

Ever encountered a Discord user who turns out to be a fake sketchy user trying to scam you? This is very common in the Discord universe, as the site does not have any security system during registration hence, anyone can easily create an instant Discord account within 5 minutes.

Alt or Alternative accounts has been a thing on Discord ever since its launch, some people use it for different personas like business, while other use it for ethical works like scamming, and phishing.

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Alt Discord accounts are not always sketchy, some may want to differentiate their private account from a personal account. Let’s agree that we all have alternative social media accounts. We sometimes have soo many connections on our public Discord account, that we sometimes want to create a new Discord account, which is new and private.

Reason Why Too Many Fake Discord Accounts

With the rise in Discords’ popularity and audience, it is the best place for scamming users or betraying them. As various things on site are new and users are still experimenting. Hence, it is also the perfect place for scammers to trap victims for various malware attacks via Fake Discord accounts.

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These are some best ways to utilize when someone messages you on Discord, and if you are worried that the discord user is a scammer or doubtful to reply back.

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1. Check Their Social Profile Connection

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Mostly if a user is active on Discord and uses it for personal use tend to have their social profiles linked to their account, this indirectly creates an impression that the user is real and legit. Not any sketchy discord alternative account.

2. Web Search Username

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If you think that a Discord user is not legit and is very doubtful, doing a simple google search and research can remove all your doubts. That particular user might have the same Discord username on other social profiles as well and just trying to create a friendly connection with you. Sometimes this paranoia and anxiety can be removed easily with a few web engine searches.

3. Discord User Registration Date

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There are a few websites that can be helpful for Discord ID lookup and finding various details about the Discord user like the following below you will need to copy the Discord ID / User ID of the user which is mostly public, which can be very helpful. Amongst the below details, the creation date might be useful. If the user has recently created the discord account, he/she might be sketchy and be cautious about it.

  • User ID
  • Username
  • Badges
  • Creation Date
  • Banner Color

Discord ID Lookup Website

4. Reverse Search Their Avatar Profile URL

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There are various cases, where the avatar profile can say soo much about the Discord user. Here you might have to play a psychological game of assumptions as follows

  • User Might have the Image already saved on their Discord ( you can see the name in the web address as imagefordiscord.png ), have a look at the name. User might be using the image to create multiple accounts on different profiles.
  • Depending on the user’s profile, you can assume about their personality and what type of user they actually are on Discord like Crypto Geek, Gamer, Scammer, Anime Guy, etc.
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5. Discord Profile Image ( Default Image )

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When any normal user creates a Discord account, they are provided with a random Discord-generated profile picture. Most users do the basic tasks of connections and changing profile pictures. But a doubtful scammer, do not look over such things.

This might not always be true but somewhat helpful, in my own personal experience, this is kinda mixed cause of the private Discord server which I personally explored and was a part of. I have seen several friendly buddies, who still have 3-4 years and haven’t their default Discord profile.

6. Discord User Info

Discord Developer Profile - Overview - HubPrix.com

Sometimes few Discord users might have detailed profile information, sharing various details from Social connections, websites, portfolios, and various details. This can also showcase whether the user is legit

7. Check Their Custom Status

By default, after installation of the application. Discord automatically detects all possible connections and available activity statuses like

  • Custom Status
  • Gaming
  • Spotify
  • Streaming YouTube
  • and few more

Most users manually Disable them to avoid being troubled or stalked, while others ignore them.

8. Discord Nitro Tag

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Discord’s current main source of revenue is via Discord Nitro Membership, it is very clear that a Discord user has a Discord Nitro plan for a few years. Then the chances of him/her being a sketchy user are less. But since there are a few loopholes of ethical ways to get free and cheap Discord nitro codes, in a few cases the above method is useful.

9. Mutual Discord Servers

Discord Mutual Server - Overview - HubPrix.com

It might also be possible that the Discord user who is messaging you, has changed their profile image or Discord user tag. And they are getting in contact with you after a long time and you are not just aware of it.

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10. Mutual Discord Friends

Discord Mutual Friends - Overview - HubPrix.com

There are often cases where Discord users’ mutual server might not be the same. But the mutual friends might be, and often the user is just messing around to troll you.

11. Discord HypeSquad Member

Discord HypeSquad - Member - HubPrix.com

This might not be an effective method, but still a very useful tip for analyzing Discord users. As this shows, how well they are maintaining and customizing their Discord profile. Most new users or sketchy users do not notice such things.

12. Identify between Discord User and Discord Bot

Mee6 Discord Bot - Overview - HubPrix.com

It is very easy to identify to differentiate Discord bots from Discord users via tapping on their profile image for a mini profile overview.

Creating a Discord bot is simple as pie, takes less than a minute to create a Discord bot.

13. Use Special Discord Bots

Increasing verification for new members is a widely unpopular step but it is effective. You can also increase your server security to require email and/or phone verification when joining. This is not really recommended as it isn’t popular with users but most will understand why its been done

  • AltIdentifer

14. Analyze Messaging Approach and Format

Often the way a user approaches other Discord users is because of a particular intention and he/she has a template ready for spamming other Discord users.

Make sure you analyze the message format of the user and look for these things

  • Emojis are being used too much
  • Website URL sharing
  • Very quick in replying and messaging
  • Sharing social media and Discord invites
  • Claiming you have won something
  • Begging for help to do a particular tasks

This might not always be true, as there are often cases where people have been using Discord for professional business-related work as well or reaching out to other owners for advertisements or partnerships.

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