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5 Features which might be coming to Discord soon

Discord is currently testing various new features that might be coming very soon, few of these tweaks were being asked for years and it is finally coming. After listening to the feedback of the user several features are being introduced that would help Discord fight against scams, spam, and phishing links.

As Discord is kind of like real-time Reddit and has over 3 Million registration every month, a lot of people are chatting live, all at once. For new communities and users Discord is very userfriendly which is easy to use, but also at the same time they sometimes get lost or miss a few features that are not available on the platform.

These are a few upcoming leaked features that Discord might be introducing soon in the future.

Discord Nitro Revamp

This might have already been released in the update, if not then it will be released very soon. The nitro page of discord on all platforms will have a new look.

Providing information to the Discord Nitro Subscription in a simple understanding form as a quick analysis.

Discord AMOLED Mode on Desktop App

Discord AMOLED Feature PC

Discord is working on adding AMOLED mode to the desktop app, the longest-asked feature might be finally coming. This feature is available for mobile devices, it will be interesting to see for PC users as well.

Discord’s Get Help Now System

Discord - Get Help Now Feature

Discord is working on a way to report messages that talk about self-harm. This feature might have a few limitations and criticism which might be received at first from various regions, it would be interesting to see how the company handles it.

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Discord Bot Mini Profile

Discord Bot Mini Profile

Discord’s upcoming feature is to add the most popular slash commands used by the users on the server.

Discord is working on a new way to show a bot’s most popular slash commands by prominently displaying them on the bot’s mini-profile.

Source: https://twitter.com/number0x01/status/1556744971591581697

Discord System DM Improvements

Discord System DM Improvement

Various users are still getting phished by other bots, who are claiming to be the Official Discord System DM bot. It is easy to get your bot verified.

Discord is finding ways to make their System bot different, we might see various new chat support system maybe in the future.

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