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10+ Top.GG Alternative Website For Discord Server Finding and Listing

There are more than ten websites that are alternatives to that can be used for listing Discord servers and locating the best server for Discord; however, we have selected the website that has the best reputation and the largest audience of Discord users. is a platform for communities and innovators to find, empower, and speed up their work. At first, was just a single list of the best Discord Bots.

Now, almost 5 years later, we have become the discovery layer for Discord communities and integrations. We help millions of people all over the world find their way around millions of Discord Bots and Discord Servers. brings people together and has become an important part of using Discord and, hopefully, the metaverse in the near future.

1. Disboard

Disboard is also one of the most popular servers listing for discord servers out there. If your discord server is on its intial stage, then listing on this site is recommended. It also has a special bumping feature to promote your server every 15-30 minutes.

Disbaord Listing website down 1

2. DiscordServers

DiscordServers has its own gem-based bumping mechanism and special voting system to promote your Discord server. Listing on this website is also recommended since it provides a good conversion rate to increase members.


Discords was previously known as the website had a total revamp making its UI very simple and attractive with various features introduced on its platform like Bots, Emojis, Templates and more. It also has a special premium feature to bump and promote your server.

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4. is another popular listing platform for discord server, it is one of the oldest listing site for discord server & it also introduced listing for discord bots. It is similar to but has more feature for promotion and bumping for discord servers.

5. Disforge

Disforge currently lists over 60,000 Discord servers in hundreds of categories making it one of the best places to find Discord servers to join and engage with. Whether you are looking for Discord servers based around Anime, Education, Gaming, Cryptocurrency or something else we have thousands of options to choose from.

6. DiscordList.GG

Find the best Discord bots and servers to upgrade your Discord experience. Engage your community or join a new one, automate your workflow, and find new friends

7. FindaDiscord

FindADiscord is the Discord directory site that replaced the old DiscordServers subreddit. Unlike the subreddit, the site has advanced spam-prevention measures unavailable through Reddit. We hope you find it a fantastic resource for safe, fun Discord server sharing and searching.

Find and share Discord servers with the right tools to get the job done, including tags, detailed server pages, and more. We made our site to help our community better than we ever could before. Created by Discord fans, for Discord fans.

8. DiscordHome

DiscordHome (DH) is a discord listing website where you can discover discord servers and communities! In DH, you can advertise, promote, hire staff, publish your very own resumes, and locate partners for your Discord servers. DH deems itself as the “home of Discord” where you can freely discover first-rate and useful resources for all of your Discord and server needs.

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9. DiscordExpert

Discord Expert is a place that connects people with amazing public Discord servers. Find the perfect Discord Server to join today!

10. DiscordHub

DiscordHub provides a server list, user searches, and bot features such as creating your own web-based role shop with our points currency system and music. DiscordHub has a leveling system with level rewards! Award your users based on the time they spend on the server. There is also a web leaderboard for each server and a customizable leveling card. The user can change the background to whatever they want. Fully featured web-based inventory system to equip the roles they earn from gaining points on your server. Items can be permanent or have a time limit before they are removed from the user.

They are more than 15+ other discord listing platforms, but above are some of the best sites to list your discord server for better results in conversion to gain organic members. Hopefully, we helped you find the best site for your discord site promotion.

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