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Discord’s New Mobile App Revamp Layout Coming Soon

There are some new updates being made to Discord, which you can check out on your Discord Mobile app. These updates will cause the entire interface view of the Discord app to alter. There are still a variety of features that are still being testing in the beta phase.
Numerous users of Discord are frustrated by this update since it has an excessive number of errors and flaws. We are all aware of the fact that the previous version of Discord had a bug that caused a number of user accounts to be banned in bulk for no other reason than changing their user profile.

Discords New Mobile App Revamp Layout Coming Soon

As a number of businesses are now putting the brand-new pill notch feature on the iPhone through its paces, the recent upgrade to Discord could have something to do with the upcoming improvements to the iPhone 14.

iphone pill notch features

Because of the way the interface is currently designed, there is a problem in which I have to reposition my hand so that my thumb is closer to the top of the screen in order to reach the top of the server and channel list (which is where users are most likely to select servers and channels). Once I am in a channel, I then have to move my thumb back down in order to type. Kinda sucks. It appears that they are working on a solution to this problem by implementing a feature that will allow you to browse through the server list without having to alter your hold. When you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense.

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