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Discord Forum Channel: Everything You Need To Know

Forum channels are designed up so that people can have conversations without talking over each other.

When you enter a Forum Channel, you don’t see every message from every conversation. Instead, you see a list of conversations that is easy to jump through. You can choose which one you want to join.

Every Forum Channel has Post Guidelines that help what kinds of topics can be talked about and Tags that help people find discussions they’re interested in. This is all designed to create it easy for members to make new posts, cut down on clutter, and start conversations that matter.

Here are some tips to help your users get the most out of Forum Channels if you want to try them on your server.

Ways To Help Increase Engagement on Discord Forum

  • Make tags to work for you. Think about what bigger topics your members will be interested in.
  • Create guidelines that are clear. The whole point of Forum Channels is to keep things organised, and this will help ensure sure that everyone gets off on the right foot.
  • Once the Forum Channels are up and running, you can keep the conversation going in these ways.
  • Make sure that posters have clear titles and messages. Make it easy for people to find discussions they want to take place in.
  • Get the tone right. Encourage people to work together, talk in a civil conversation, and share what they know. When you can, show the way.
  • Keep moderators involved. Whether it’s just chatting or something more involved that takes a lot of work, ensure sure your team is a part of the community.
  • Grow both your server and your team. The more conversations you have, the more support you’ll need.
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How to Search Post on Discord Forum Channel

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Looking for a specific conversation in a forum channel? You can use the search bar on the forum channel to search for the post!

First, go to your server’s channel list and find the forum channel with the post you want to search for.

Then, in the search bar at the top of the page, type the key word or phrase of the post title you’re looking for. The search bar will show you results that are related to the word you typed in.

Discord Filtering Posts with Tags on Forum Channels


Certain tags can be put on certain posts in a forum channel to help you keep your forum channel and the many different posts under one discussion topic organised.

By selecting tags, you can filter the posts in a forum channel. Posts in a forum channel can have more than one tag, so you can further filter posts by choosing more than one tag.

How Can I Participate in Forum Channels?

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Forums are places where people can talk about specific topics, not just chat about anything. When you look at a Forum Channel, you’ll see a list of posts that start new conversations, with titles that are big and bold and tags that are related.

You can jump into one and join the conversation, use the search bar to find more posts in the archives, or even create your own, complete with a helpful, descriptive image that will show up for anyone who is scrolling by.

Check the Post Guidelines for that channel before you write a new post. Together with the tags, they will help you understand what the Moderators and Admins want you to talk about.

Community server owners can add as many Forum Channels as they need, just like with Text and Voice. Seeing a lot of back-and-forth in #general about fitness? It might be a good idea to add a Fitness Forum to give those long back-and-forths about macros and gains a new home.

Or, if the conversations are usually more casual, a simple Text Channel might be better. It’s all about giving a server owner more tools to use.

How to Moderate Discord Forum Channels?

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When you click “Create Channel,” you’ll see a new option called “Forum Channel.” Select it, give it a name, and make it Private if you only want certain members or roles to be able to see it.

Once you’re up and running, you’ll need to change a few settings:

  • Set recommended permissions: Who gets to post? @Everyone? Or just in certain parts?
  • Set an automatic reaction to posts: Choose an emoji to be offered as a reaction to all new Forum topics. Members of the community who have the right permissions can change it.
  • Create Tags: Get the party started by thinking of a few simple words (or short phrases) that people can use to help their posts in the Forum Channel, making it easier to search conversations that might be interesting. You can also let @everyone create their own tags if you want.
  • Make up the first message: Once everything is set up, show ’em how it’s done! It takes time to get used to forums, so do your best.
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Most bots or apps that moderate Threads are also able to work with Forum channel conversations. Making your own bot? We’ve added new information to our API Documentation that can help.

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Forum Channels, like Threads and Text in Voice before them, make it possible for focused conversations to grow without taking up an entire channel. No more seeing an interesting conversation get drowned out, taken over, or went because it had been watching on for too long. Every conversation has a place on Discord now more than ever.

Forum channels are slowly making their way to Community servers starting today. Keep an eye on your own server to see when you’ll be able to create Forum channels! Not signed up for Community? Find out what features you and your server get when you turn on Community here.

Frequently Asked Question

What’s the difference between Text channels and Forums?

A: Text channels are great for specific, on-the-place conversations, while Forum channels are for longer, more in-depth conversations about certain topics. Discussions are linked to specific posts, which makes it easier for members in your community to catch up and join a conversation.

What’s the difference between Forums and Threads?

A: The main difference is that threads are a type of message and forums are a type of channel. Even though they are similar in that they both create spaces for organised conversations, Forum Channels are more permanent than threads.

What tools are there to help moderators of Forum Channels?

A: We have put in place 3 types of moderation support to ensure sure that moderating forum channels is easy and manageable:

  • AutoMod: Forum Channels are supported by AutoMod, which is a built-in moderation tool that helps automatically find and remove content that could be harmful.
  • Slow Mode: If there are too many posts and messages, mods can place limits on how much can happen.
  • API: Our API Documentation has been updated so that developers can add support for forums to their products.
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In a forum channel, is there a way to close or lock a post?

A: You can right-click on a post and choose “Close Post” if you want to end a conversation or if it has reached its end. This will remove the post from the new posts section of the list and lock it so that only moderators can open it again.

What’s the best way for my community to test out forums?

A: Even though every community is different, we suggest adding forums to your community slowly. This way, your community won’t have to deal with big, sudden changes, and they’ll have time to adjust. A roll-out could look something like this:

  • Create a private forum where you and your moderators can try out plans and talk about them.
  • Find the text channels that could work well with forums and replace them.
  • Create new forum channels with the right guidelines and tags.
    Make an announcement to let your community know about the changes and ask for feedback.
  • If most of the feedback from your community is positive, look for larger “core” text channels that could use the organisation that forums provide.

How many posts can be pinned to the top? How long are they pinned?

A: At the moment, forum channels can only have one pinned post. There is no timer for pinned posts, so they will stay pinned until they are removed or until another post is pinned (replacing the original pinned post).

How do you add or replace a post’s thumbnail?

A: If you forgot to add a thumbnail to your original post, you can add one by being the first person to reply to your original post with a photo. When you do this, you will be given the option to add the media to the original post. If you choose “Add to Post,” your media will be added to the post and serve as the thumbnail.

How many channels are allowed in Discord?

Discord places a cap of 500 channels per channel and 100 users per server.

What is the biggest Discord?

Midjourney is now officially the largest Discord server with more than 2,000,000 Members on its server. As compared to other popular discord servers like Genshin, Minecraft, Fortnite which currently are stuck at a server limit cap and under 1,500,000 members on their server.

How does Discord earn?

Instead, most of Discord’s revenue in 2020 came from its premium subscription package, Nitro, as well as a mix of non-ad revenue sources, such as server boosting (which gives server members extra perks) and game distribution fees. There are some problems with this strategy.

Is Discord operating at a loss?

Even though the storefront didn’t work out, Discord is still in a good place. During the COVID-19 lockdown, usage has gone through the roof. Recently, it was announced that it has over 100 million MAUs and a new peak of 10.6 million concurrent users.

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