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Soundboard Feature Coming Soon Currently in Discord Beta

Many Discord users have been using third-party fancy soundboard software over the years, even though Discord’s voice chat platform is perfect. Which works as expected and is fine.

A common problem with these, though, is that they are hard to set up. Even more so if you don’t know much about how audio devices work.

What is a Soundboard?

Discord Sound Board Feature Beta Server

A Soundboard is a fancy user interface with buttons that play specific sounds when you press them. Soundboards are very common on Twitch, in voice chats on Discord, and in the gaming community as a whole.

Discord Sound Board Feature UI Overview

With a soundboard, either a physical device or a piece of software, you can assign a specific button to play a custom audio file on your Voice chat or stream.

Discord Sound Board Feature Sounds Added on Sever

Remember that you can’t use this feature yet. The feature is not yet available to the public. And because of this, the content shown in the images may not be the same as the final version of the feature.

Discord Sound Board Feature Upload Sounds

During my research, I wondered how we would be able to keep unwanted sounds out of a voice conversation if this feature was ever made public.

Which is when I realised that the user doesn’t get to choose the sounds. Instead, it’s up to the server to choose a small set of ten (10) sounds that all members are only limited to use.

Discord Sound Board Feature Added to Server

This is great news from the point of view of a server manager. With this feature, people can’t use NSFW content in voice chat, so I don’t have to worry about that. As a user, what I can soundboard in each server will be limited.

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With the constant vine boom sound effect, I won’t be able to make my famous VC entrance:c

Could be a feature of Discord Boost

Discord Sound Board Feature Discord Beta Datamining

It makes sense for all Discord servers to have a couple of free slots. Similar to how stickers and emojis work. But if you want to add more sound effects, you need to boost your server to levels 1, 2, or 3 to get more slots.

We don’t know for sure what will be added to this feature and what will be taken away. We recommend that you wait until it’s announced on Discord or at least available for public Beta or Canary.

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