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Discord Brings new features to User Profile Skins

The beta feature of Discord brings the profile skin features and now has more options like choosing primary and secondary colors.

As this feature is still in beta, various options are still bugged out and the position of color gradients is sometimes not consistent and do not save

Discord Userprofile 2022 - Hubprix.com
  • You might need to have a Discord Nitro boost ($9.99 per month version) in order to customize, just like other Discord features.
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Discord servers are free places where people can gather to chat about games or use voice channels to talk with friends as they play. You’ll find there are all sorts of servers out there. For example, often have servers running for their games so like-minded gamers can get together and discuss the game and make new friends too. You will also find Discord servers, communities, and groups of people with their own Discord niche community that they might invite you to.

Frequently Asked Question on Discord User Profile Skins

How do I make my Discord profile look cool?

You have some leeway in terms of personalization when it comes to Discord’s user interface.

To view them, navigate to App Settings > Appearance in your device’s menu. You have the option of choosing between a light theme or a dark theme from this location. Altering the format in which messages are presented is another option.

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Can you customize your Discord profile?

If you’re using Android, you may access your user settings by clicking the cog symbol in the lower right corner of the screen. Then you should press the button labelled User Profile. You now have the ability to personalise your profile by editing your avatar, your about me section, or your custom profile colour and banner.

How do you get profile themes on Discord?

  • Launch Discord, and then click User Settings from the menu.
    Click the My Account dropdown menu
  • Then click the Edit user profile button.
  • You will now be brought to the PROFILE THEME screen, where you can change the Primary and Accent colours (if you have been given access)

Who viewed Discord profile?

Scroll down to see more on your profile page. You will see a section labelled “Recent Profile Visitors” on the left side of the page. Check that the “recent visitors” block is turned on before continuing. You will be able to view the total number of people who have viewed profiles as well as the usernames of recent visitors.

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