Discord Bot Data Access Information

Discord Bot Data Access Overview Coming Soon to the Discord Users

Discord is working on this amazing feature which has been in alpha stages for a while now for Discord Alpha users for more advanced features for Discord Bot profile.

Various Discord bot asks for different kinds of permission on your server, sometimes when adding such bots we do not really check what kinds of permission they are requesting for, and blindly such bots are added on the server.

Some of these Discord bots also have admin permission access, now you can check when the upcoming Discord Data access update hits, wherein you can check what kind of information a Discord bot is collecting by clicking on the Discord bot mini profile.

This feature is very useful as it provides various confusing role permission information in a summarized form. You’ll soon be able to see what kind of data bots in your server is able to access. This is important for security as it shows what bots can actually do


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