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New Haunted House Discord Sketch Head Game Activity

Discord released a Halloween Version theme of the Sketch Head if you haven’t played Sketch head before. Its a drawing game where you find out that either you can’t draw well or your friends can’t guess well.

Discord Halloween Themed Sketchhead Wallpaper

About Discord Sketch Heads

We’ve made Sketch Heads into an Activity here on Discord. Sketch Heads is a game where people draw pictures of a word prompt to get other people to guess what the word is. There are two ways to play Sketch Heads:

  • In Classic mode, you and your friends take turns choosing a secret word to draw, and everyone else tries to guess it as quickly as possible.
  • In Blitz mode, you split into two teams, Drawers and Guessers, and race against the clock as a group.

Drawers work together on a canvas and quickly draw words while Guessers try to guess as many as they can before time runs out.

How to Play Discord Halloween Sketch Heads Game?

1. Make sure you join Discord Voice Call

Join Discord Voice Call

2. Click Start Activity, in the bottom left above DIscord Gear setting to start the activity.

Click Start Activity Discord

3. Select the activity “Sketch Head”

Discord Activities List Games

4. You will be asked for permission, click authorize to proceed.

image 22

5. Once you have authorized it, you will be able to play the game congratulations.


  • Drawings can’t be controlled, so be careful who you play with.
  • When more than 20 people play, you might run into some technical problems. We suggest games with up to 16 players for the best time.
  • Sketch Heads is open to people of all ages.
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