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Miniclip One Of the World Best Online Gaming Official Shut Down

After their 21st anniversary, the OG of online gaming, Miniclip, announced that most of the games on their long-running web game portal will soon be taken down. Today, this finally happened.

The Miniclip business is “evolving,” with a bigger focus on mobile because fewer and fewer people probably only play games on a desktop browser.

Most of the games on the site are licenced from other developers, and these deals will end when Miniclip does its “shift of content.” Developers can then do whatever they want with their games, but those who want Miniclip to come back to web games should look elsewhere. The company said that “there are no plans” for a web-based portal in the future.

Now, the only games you can play on are and 8 Ball Pool. They also say that fans wouldn’t be able to use the platform because “the technology that would be needed to do this is something that only Miniclip can provide.”

In 2001, a pair of Swiss people spent £40,000 to start the website for browser games. In 2008, the company was worth more than £275 million. But Tencent bought them in 2015, and that was the beginning of their downfall.

Miniclip has discontinued all of its web games

Miniclip Agariio Game

On April 6, Miniclip stated that most of the games on their long-running web game portal would be going away soon. This news comes after the company said that its mobile apps for Android and iOS had been downloaded more than 4 billion times.

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The Miniclip business is “growing” in the sense that mobile devices are getting more and more attention. This is because it’s presumably that fewer and fewer players access their games just through a desktop browser.

Are all games shutting down at Miniclip?

Miniclip Play Games

After an unspecified date in the summer of 2022, Miniclip’s and 8 Ball Pool will be the only games that can be played directly from the site. The company had a detailed section called “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ), which mostly just repeated what had already been said, but did confirm some more specifics.

After the Summer deadline, you won’t be able to play any games on except and 8 Ball Pool. They also say that fans wouldn’t be able to use the platform because “the technology that would be needed to do this is something that only Miniclip can provide.”

After Miniclip’s “shift of content,” these licencing agreements will be cancelled, even though the vast majority of the games on the site were licenced from other game designers. Even though game makers can now do whatever they want with their games, players who were hoping Miniclip would bring back its web-based gaming site should look elsewhere. “There are no plans” for a web-based gaming portal, the company has said.

As summer gets closer, Miniclip will presumably give more specifics, but for now, it could happen at any time between July and September. I will put a pencil mark on the first of each month on the Watch List calendar until we have more information. We appreciate HandMaskTar bringing our attention to the recent change.

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Miniclip has officially shut down its servers, and 8 Pool Ball and Agario are the only games that are still playable. People today will never know what it was like to sneak onto your school’s computer and start Miniclip.

The end of Miniclip has been coming for a long time, and not just because the number of players has been going down over time. Since 2010, Steve Jobs has made it clear that he doesn’t like the Flash platform from Adobe Systems. He vowed that Apple’s hardware and software would never use the technology. People said that the letter was full of lies, hypocrisy, and a hidden agenda. In the end, many other companies agreed with Jobs in hindsight. So this was just a ticketing time bomb, and Flash was used to build Miniclip.

RIPIP to a real one, no matter what.

People on the internet really liked this one, it’s safe to say. We have to officially say goodbye to this part of our childhood.

Frequently Asked Questions Miniclip Shutting Down

Is Miniclip gone?

According to what was stated in the Miniclip Blog Quote, “We are ecstatic to share the news that has become our principal domain. On this site, visitors will find all of our most recent games, as well as information about our company, as well as career opportunities. Although may initially present a different appearance, our loyal fans and gamers will be able to continue playing our renowned titles, like 8 Ball Pool and”

What happened to Miniclip flash games?

The Miniclip business is “changing” in the sense that an increased emphasis is being placed on mobile devices. This is due to the fact that an increasingly less percentage of players presumably access their games just via a desktop browser. Miniclip’s own and 8 Ball Pool will be the only games playable to remain on the website after some vague date in the summer of 2022.

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Is Miniclip owned by China?

According to information obtained from GamesBeat, the Chinese company Tencent Holdings has acquired a majority stake in Miniclip in order to extend its presence in Europe. According to researcher conducted by Newzoo, this is just another sign that the proliferation of mobile gaming has turned the entertainment industry into a truly global one, one that might be worth as much as $30 billion in 2015.

Is Miniclip owned by Tencent?

Tencent has purchased a controlling stake in Miniclip, giving them access to an existing audience of 70 million users across all of Miniclip’s platforms, including mobile, social, and online games.

Who is the owner of Miniclip?

Shenzhen is the location of the headquarters for Tencent Holdings Ltd., a Chinese global technology and entertainment conglomerate and holding company. Tencent was founded in 1999. It is one of the highest-grossing multimedia companies in the world, and based on revenue, it is among the most successful enterprises in the world.

What happened Miniclip 2022?

Miniclip made the announcement in April 2022 that it would begin placing a greater emphasis on its mobile games. As a direct consequence of this, the website no longer hosts any games other than its top two draws, and 8 Ball Pool.

Can you still play Papa’s games without Flash?

The internet version of Papa’s games is no longer accessible. This includes well-known establishments such as Papa’s Scooperia, Burgeria, Pancakeria, Freezeria, and Bakeria. At the end of 2020, Adobe stopped providing support for Flash, and at the beginning of 2021, all modern and secure web browsers lost the ability to play Flash content.

Can I still play Flash games?

Indeed, there is no way to retrieve it now. Your browsers will never again have the ability to run Flash. Emulators are the only means to see Flash files, therefore look for them in the Internet Archive if you want to play them.

How does Miniclip make money?

According to Small, Miniclip brought in between 20 and 30 million euros in revenue in 2010, making the company profitable from the very first year it operated. However, the company also makes money from the sale of subscriptions and virtual goods, and it is placing a significant amount of its financial focus on mobile platforms, particularly iPhone and Android.

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