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TicketKing Bot Discord Review: Best Alternative To Ticket Bots

The best ticket bot that is 100% free. Ticket King has every limit that other bots have, and there are no limits on anything.

Ticket King works best on servers where users and moderators can talk to each other.

Ticket King lets servers give their player base pre-set ticket options to get moderator support.

Forget “-ticket”! Ticket King gives servers quick and simple options to get support without having to use complicated commands.

Ticket King is always online and can be used even when other bots aren’t.

Features of TicketKing

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  • FREE, unlimited, and fully customizable ticket handlers.
  • When tickets are made, you can add your own messages.
  • Different types of tickets can have their own roles, so moderators and administrators can be kept apart.
  • Each ticket panel can have up to 20 different types of options.
  • You can change your server’s prefix and add colour embedding for free.
  • Complete ticket logging, including who opened and closed the ticket.
  • Automatic interactive ticket transcripts are automatically sent to the person who wrote the ticket and the server administrators.
  • Automatic transcripts can be seen on our website by server admins or the person who made the ticket after logging in.

Command Of TicketKing

t!Panel: Starts the process of setting up a new tickets panel.

t!Close: Closes a ticket and sends the transcript to the person who made it.

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t!Ticket – Shows information and options for managing things inside the ticket.

t!Claim: Tells the system that the current ticket is yours.

t!lock: Locks the ticket and stops the user from being able to see the channel.

t!Unlock: This command unlocks the ticket so the user can view the channel.

t!config: Use this interactive settings command to set up everything about the bot.

t!Vote – Shows all information about voting for a premium membership.

t!Redeem [amount of votes] – Exchanges the amount of votes you have for a premium membership. One vote gets you 3 days of Premium.

Alternative TicketKing Discord Bot


The most customizable ticket bot for your server! Manage support tickets , suggestions and sales easier than ever with this ticket tool!


Free to use application bot! Complete logging, unlimited applications! forms, polls, verification, antiraid, tickets, security

Ticket Tool

Ticket Tool – Ticketing without clutter. Support, Sales or Suggestions Ticket Tool can do it all. Ticket Bot


An advanced, highly configurable, and stable ticket bot!


A fully customisable bot with extensive custom commands, moderation, reaction roles, starboard, tickets, join roles and more.


Best ticket bot, most featured ticket bot, a great helper and powerful ticket support bot. Helper.gg is the best sales bot with a dashboard.

Support System

The only Ticket bot you will ever need. Support, suggestion and sales Support System manages them all! The best ticket bot out there.


Spark is an All-in-One Free Bot – Giveaways, Invites, Moderation, Music, Economy, Levelling, Tickets, YT, Twitch, Gatekeeper, Roleplay, etc

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