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Why it is important to Report Players in Games?

Every single company and website has a reporting feature that helps them to analyze by taking the feedback into account to make further improvements in any game.

As a Gamer, it is very frustrating when something does not feels right or buggy. This mostly leads to ruining the particular gameplay experience.

If an individual gamer is facing a problem, then there is a high possibility that every gamer might also at one point face the same situation.

In order to avoid such problems, Gaming companies has a special algorithm to understand the such problem, which is to be taken seriously.

What does Reporting actually mean in Video Games?

A player can report another player if that player breaks the rules of the game, as the name of the system suggests.

Due to the huge number of people who play popular games, the reporting system of an online multiplayer game gets a lot of complaints. People who use online message boards often complain about the way reports are made.

Like with the legal system, if a system is too busy, it can cause problems and make people unhappy.

Common Rules That every Online Game Has That Should Not Be Violated

Valorant Report Players Annoying AFK
  • Talking down to, harassing, or being offensive to other players.
  • Trying to mess up other players’ games on purpose by doing things like griefing, feeding, or playing in a way that makes it harder for the rest of the team.
  • Leaving or going AFK at any point during the match being played.
  • Unnecessarily annoying words or actions that make it hard for other people to play.
  • Summoner names that don’t fit.
  • Any kind of hate speech such as homophobia, sexism, racism, and ableism.
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Should You Report Players in Online Games?

Yes, It is very important that you report any player that is breaking any rules of the game. Don’t wait for the game to end, to report.

For Example: If you are playing CSGO or Valorant or Fortnite. Each round or at any time you feel that the player feels suspicious or threatening report them immediately.

What does reporting actually do?

Well, in simple words. Your report will be indexed by the particular game algorithm which helps it to understand the type of player. If others are also reporting the same player it puts the users on their system’s radar to impose penalties or bans them for repetitive action.

Every game system accumulates a large number of reports to understand each player, based on such data. This also help them to do solve various problems like Matchmaking, ranking difference, smurfing, etc.

Examples Of Gaming Report Feature:

Most Games have the report feature built within the game, but you can also report them offline also.

When is reporting important?

During The Game

If you think a player is cheating, bothering other players, or hurting your match in any way that is against the rules, you should report them as soon as possible.

During a match, you can report a player by pressing Esc to bring up the leaderboard and then clicking the Report button next to the player’s name.

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From the list, you can choose more than one reason. Click Report again to send it to Riot once you’re sure you’ve chosen the best reasons.

After The Game Ends

You can still report someone after a match if you didn’t have a chance to do so in the middle of a match.

Dont Report Player If They are Noobs

Well, you have to be open-minded here.

Just because you as a player, always are carrying the team or getting more kills. Does not always mean that your teammates are noobs or not getting any kills and you should report them.

Totally not, every online game has something called as a team coordination, irrespective of them being the bottom fragger or getting no kills, this does not signify that they are a loser.

Rather, You as a player stop playing or smurfing and be original to yourself and play with players of your own rank.

In my opinion, if you think a player is a top fragger irrespective of whether you win or lose a game. You should report them because there is always a high chance that the user is smurfing and is responsible for triggering the game into violence.

This often leads to online game match toxicity.

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