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How To Properly Use ShareX as a Professional Screenshot Guru

If you are unfamiliar with what ShareX is, then you are properly using Print Screen Keyboard bind or the Windows Snipping tool. This in my opinion is a very old and not-so-popular method as it is missing various features which ShareX has to offer.

ShareX is one of the most popular screenshot capturing tools and has the most downloads on Steam.

Before explaining the process, on how to use ShareX, here as some links from where you can officially download ShareX from.

  1. Steam:
  2. Microsoft Store:
  3. ShareX =
  4. GitHub =

Note: I do not suggest you download it from other 3rd party stores or websites, you are most likely to be infected by malware.

Steps to Use Share X

ShareX Button Options Tool
  • After you installed the software, you will have the following window. ( I blurred those images has that area shows all the image history quick preview )


  • I have kept the below Keybinds, because it is very unique and it does not disturbs me, while working or gaming.
  • Most users usually have keybinds like Print Screen Button or SHIFT + 1, 2, 3. ( I do not suggest, these keybinds because it can cause conflicts with other windows features)
Add HotKeys ShareX

  • I have the below features enabled, in te After Capture Tasks ( this means, after you take a screenshot, you will have the following pop ups to take care of automatically.

    This helps me to avoid saving it on my computer ( saves some storage ) + Automatically copied to my clipboard
Features Enabled Options

Hope you understood, my trick and now you are also a screenshot guru. If you have any trouble do let me know.

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