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Sneaky Ways By Which Discord Is Advertising their Nitro Subscription

Discord’s main source of revenue is via the Nitro plan subscription, which offers various additional perks and access to various upcoming features if you have opted into the Discord Beta Program. Various users have been complaining that Discord has been advertising their Nitro plan whenever they launch/restart their Discord.

According to Research on Discord, Its main source of revenue is via Discord Nitro Plan. Its Business model is very much different. But such tactics only make the user experience terrible.

Discord Nitro Advertising on Server

Sometimes these advertisements can be seen on other Discord servers as well. This is very much similar to what Microsoft has done in the past and faced various criticism.

Windows 10 Advertising within Folder

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Discord User Complaining

Please make a "don’t show this again" checkbox for this from discordapp

How can I disable this huge popup ad every time discord is launched? (PC) from discordapp

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