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How To Edit or Delete Audit Logs in Discord

An audit log is a piece of paper that records track of what happened in an information technology (IT) system. In addition to recording what resources were accessed, audit log entries usually include destination and source addresses, a timestamp, and user login information.

No, you can’t edit, change, or delete audit logs. Discord has said many times that the logs are sacred and that no user, no matter what permissions they have, can change them.

How far back do audit logs go, taking this into account?

Audit logs can be kept for up to 10 years.

In the same way, How do I remove audit logs?

Choose Settings > Audit and logs > Audit Log Management. Pick the oldest audit log. Then, click Delete Logs on the command bar. In the message asking for confirmation, choose OK.

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How can I remove something out of the audit log? This task tells you how to remove out the audit log of old events.

  • Go to Settings and click on Access Management.
  • Click on the Audit Log tab.
  • Select Delete. …
  • Choose or type in the number of events that are the oldest that you want to delete.
  • Keep the box checked if you want to export the deleted events to a CSV file, which is recommended.

Frequently Asked Question Discord Audit Log

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What is a log retention period?

Log retention refers saving event logs, especially those that are significant for cyber security, on a regular basis. Keeping logs for a long time is safer and gives more information about the past, but it can get very expensive.

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Why are audit logs important?

Audit logs help with security because they keep track of everything that happens in IT, even things that seem suspicious. Audit logs can help keep an eye on data and systems for possible security flaws and help find people who are misusing data on the inside.

What is an advanced audit?

Specific topics include the role of auditors in the economy, generally accepted auditing standards, audit reports, unaudited engagements, professional ethics and rules of conduct, audit evidence, legal liability and internal control, and the audit of an organization’s transaction cycles.

How long do logs need to be kept?

Most companies keep audit logs, IDS logs, and firewall logs for at least two months as a minimum. On the other hand, different rules and laws require businesses to keep logs for anywhere from six months to seven years.

What’s a retention policy?

A key part of a record’s lifecycle is its retention policy, which is also called a schedule. It tells a business how long it needs to keep a piece of information (a record), where the record is kept, and how to get rid of it when the time comes.

What is a log retention policy?

In the Retention Guidelines for Log Files, it says how long log files should be kept. If a log file has information that could be useful in the future, for a transaction that is about to happen, or as proof of a management decision, it should be kept.

When a Discord server is deleted, what happens?

As far as I know, members of the server are not told when the account is deleted. The server just disappears from the list in the app, and you can’t find it in the server browser or search. It’s like it didn’t happen. If a Discord server was deleted, you can only tell by the fact that it is no longer there.

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How do I delete a discord server?

On your Mac or PC, open Discord and go to the server you want to delete.
Click the name of the server, which is in the top left corner of the screen.
Choose “Server Settings” from the menu that drops down.
On the left side, click “Delete Server.”
There will be a pop-up.

Does leaving a Discord server delete all of your messages?

No, nothing changes. Your messages will only be deleted all at once if you or another user with the right permissions deletes them one by one, or if you are banned and the person who banned you decides to delete all of your messages at once.

What happens if I delete a Discord server?

You will need to confirm that you want to delete your server. Tap Delete to confirm your choice if you’re sure. Once you tell Discord to delete your server, it will do so. All of the people who are part of the server will be taken away, and any saved or shared content will be lost.

Do deleted messages show up in the audit log?

The messages don’t show up in the Audit Log because the content of the actual messages is also deleted. When you delete a message, it’s deleted for good. Did the person who first posted the content delete the message instead of another user?

What information should audit logs have?

Event-based logs usually contain entries that describe system events, application events, or user events. An audit trail should have enough events to figure out what happened and who or what caused it.

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