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5 Popular Digital Gaming Store For Indian Gamers [Steam Alternative]

Even while Steam has about 95 million users, it is not the only option for playing games on a personal computer (PC). When it comes to purchasing PC games, you have a wide variety of options besides Steam, some of which are objectively superior.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the greatest online retailers catering to customers in India. Be on the watch for offers at all times, as many of these choices, including Steam’s competitors, also host excellent sales events.

Gamers are always looking for new ways to make their sphere bigger. They find it quick to join gaming communities and talk about games. Steam is a robust site where gamers can buy games to play online. There was a new feature on Steam that let users send gift cards to their friends. It let them help their friends when they needed it and send them as gifts on special occasions.

Note: This list only has stores that are well-known in India and can be paid for with Indian currency.

1. CodaShop

CodaShop Website Reviews Preview

Gamers can give Steam gift cards to their friends and family through Codashop. This website strikes a nerve because you don’t have to sign up or log in to use it. The process is easy, and all you have to do is choose how much money you want to share and how you want to select for it.

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You have to give your email address, which is where the gift code will be sent right away. A lot of app users and gamers trust the Website.

2. SeaGM

SEAGM Website Steam Code Reviews

SeaGM is also a good place to buy Steam gift cards for friends. This website lets users buy more than 10,000 items without having to worry about exchanges.

They keep adding new products to their line-up all the time. They have a customer support team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can help users in any situation.

Membership is also good for people who buy a lot. SeaGM is also known for its large community of users who can share ideas with each other.

3. DigiStore

DigiStore Website Review Steam Codes

Digistore is a store where gamers can support things online. It gives you a lot of choices, and it’s the safest way to do online transactions. Digistore gives gamers the best offers to help them fill their pockets.

It can put together offers, and gamers can buy Steam gift cards online at prices that are competitive.

  • All you have to do is sign up for the email address.
  • The code is sent to the email inbox.
  • To use the gift card, the recipient must follow the steps in the email.

4. GamersGift

GamersGift Website Reviews Codes

Gamers Gift is an online store that sells the best tech products. Gamers can buy gift cards for their family and friends, and the people who get them will also like them.

The website gives the user several options for shopping for other brands, which they can compare online. There are a lot of ways to pay, which makes it easy for the user.

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After you buy something, the gift card will be sent to you online in a few minutes.

5. MTC Game

MTC Game Website Review Indian

You can also buy your Steam gift card safely from MTC Game. It is an online platform that provides gamers with digital cards as a service. It has been around for more than 20 years and has more than 5 million users all over the world.

You can also buy games for Nintendo, Xbox, and cell phones. You can also get PC games and a variety of gift cards.

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