Discord PayPal Connection Passport

Discord PayPal Connection in Profile Feature

Discord had added a new feature in its Social profile connection tab, which allows users to showcase their PayPal info on their Discord Mini Profile overview. Recently, Discord added a few more small updates to its PayPal connection feature.

Various users also speculate that this is an unnecessary feature from Discord, and it might lead to more risks to the user’s account on both Discord and PayPal, considering Discord has various bugs and glitches on its platform.

Discord PayPal Connection Access Data


However, users have several questions like

  • Does Discord have access to all PayPal transactions, Non Discord Transactions as well on PayPal?
  • What about those countries where PayPal is banned or not supported?
  • What if my Discord account gets hacked, how will PayPal get affected?
  • Will this PayPal connection bring more Discord scams or loopholes?



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