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Netflix Manage Access and Device: How to Account Control?

Netflix added a new feature, which was long requested by the user for a long time, which is one of Netflix’s most-requested features is Manage Access and Devices, which will help subscribers keep their devices safe.

A few weeks back, it introduced a new feature with a service called “Profile Transfer,” which lets users move their Netflix profiles from one account to another. Then it added a new, cheaper tier that was supported by ads but had some major restrictions.

Manage Access and Devices is a new Netflix tool that lets users see which devices are linked to their account and sign out of a specific device. It also shows information about various other amazing features like

  • the most recently viewed Netflix profile
  • The time since the last viewing
  • The type of device being used
  • An estimate of where the user is based on their IP address.

This new addition feature could help Netflix get more freebies users to pay for the service as they are logged out of the service, where they may have been logging in without the account holder’s knowledge for a longer time.

How To Use Manage Access and Devices Feature in Netflix

Netflix Manage Access Device Feature Addon
  • Click on your profile picture in the top left corner of the screen to go to Account settings.
  • Choose Manage Access and Devices from there.
  • In the Security & Privacy section, click Manage Access and Devices.
  • Now, active devices and their approximate location, type, most recent viewing time, and profile will be shown.
  • Users can log out of certain devices that aren’t being used. People who use Netflix should also keep an eye out for strange activity on signed-in devices and sign out of them.
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All Netflix subscribers around the world will be able to use the Manage Access and Devices feature. You can get to it through a web browser or an iOS or Android phone.

In the past few months, Netflix has made it harder to share passwords.

During last month’s earnings call with investors, Netflix explained how it would make money off of people sharing passwords by adding “extra members” in early 2023.

This feature was tested in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. Account holders had to pay an extra fee if they shared their information with people outside of their households.

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