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10+ Things To Check Before Purchasing Any Game

You are aware that many promotional discounts and free coupon codes are currently up for grabs as a result of the fact that it is the month of Halloween. For a great number of gamers, this entails shelling out cash to acquire a variety of games that can now be purchased at lower prices.

Here is a list of few things that you should keep in mind before buying any game.

1. Price Of The Game

Price Of the Game Cheapest

Well, it’s pretty clear that you should buy a recently released popular online game if you can get it for the best price. But paying full price for a game that is one or two years old is the dumbest thing you could ever do.

Please make sure to use websites like SteamDB or to compare the price of the game, before making a purchase.

2. Game Requirement / Specification

Xbox on ps4 turn on

Think about buying Cyberpunk 2077 or Grand Theft Auto 6 and still having an Xbox 360 or GTX 780.
Customers’ biggest mistake is that they don’t do enough research on what a game needs.
I mean, gamers wouldn’t make this mistake, but this message is for their family members or anyone who buys a ps4 game for an xbox gamer.

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3. Friends Playing That Game

Games Library Collection

Well, this idea comes straight from me, a gamer. As I often have this problem, I buy new games only to find out that my friends don’t think they’re worth the price. I usually end up getting my money back or only playing the game for a few hours.

My Point is: Make sure you know the reason why you are buying the game, is it to play with friends or play alone?

4. Reviews Of Any Game

Spiderman Steam Sale Halloween

To be honest, I don’t really care about the review or trailers of any Game. I mostly depend on the worth of mouth reviews from friends who have played any game or I want to test the game from the first experience.

But sometimes, we all do face a situation where we might think 10x times only to check the review before buying any game.

Trust me, I don’t check reviews because I am aware of the fact that they are mostly manipulated.

5. Platform Available

Well, as gamers, we all know how frustrating it can be when a game we’ve been dying to play for years is only available on one platform.

But eventually, they do come out later on other platforms as well.

But they are a few games that are kinda restricted to some platforms like

  • CSGO
  • HALO
  • Valorant
  • Mario

6. Game Pass Membership / BattlePass

Game Pass Collection Membership

You might not have this problem with a PC, but you might with an Xbox or Playstation.

When you have to pay for a subscription to play a game online, it always gets on my nerves. So, yeah, you should also check that out.

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7. Game Type / Genre

Games List TLOU Assasin

Well, in simple terms, don’t let the game poster or trailer get you to click on it. I know that the posters for Genshin Impact are really cool, but I don’t like the game.
Minecraft may look like a game that only kids play, but guess what? It’s popular with people of all ages.

So, yeah, make sure you know what kind of game it is, like an RPG, an adventure, a story-based game, a puzzle game, etc.

8. Pirate Old Games

Pirate Old Games EA

Well, it is funny that I had this conversation before with EA Games, long story short I wanted to play the Old Harry Potter games like Goblet of Fire, Half-Blood Price, etc.. But these games are not available anymore due to licensing issues.

So I tried all the ways to contact EA Games, like Email them, use support ticket, contact via twitter… to buy the game digitally, TRUST ME I tried all my ways.

And this was their reply below.

Well, no website will recommend you to pirate games, but sometimes we do face a situation where the game is no-where to be found online, I tried every way to purchase the game originally, as I needed it digitally.

9. Digital Code or Physical Code

Fortnite Gift Card Vbucks Codes

If you’re still buying physical games, you must live under a rock or love having a library full of physical games.

In my opinion, always try to buy games Digitally as you will have them for a lifetime stored in the cloud as the key will be linked to your account.

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If you buy physical games, it’s likely that the disc will get corrupted after a few years or that you’ll forget or lose it.

It’s funny how, even after you buy games physically, sometimes they are providing you codes to redeem online, I guess boycott plastic discs.

10. Statistics & Updates of the game

Statistic Games top 5

Well in simple words, is the game popular and trending, this is important because if a game is in beta and has too many bugs but has no player count. Then chances are the game or the company might shut down it eventually.

Mostly FPS or online PVP RPG games statistics are important like CSGO, PUBG, Team Fortress, Rust, etc.

11. Other Important Checklist

  • Can You play the game on High FPS – No FPS Lock
  • Can you connect Steering wheel
  • is Controller support or VR Supported
  • Will I have time to grind the game
  • Do I have enough friends to play a particular game
  • Is the game Free to play?
  • Game Statistics

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