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14+ Best Stores To Buy Official Windows 11 Key For Cheap [90% Off]

Do you still use a version of Windows 10 or Windows 11 that was stolen? That might be because you still think Windows 10 is worth $200 or something else expensive.

Well, you’re right. If you go to Microsoft’s website, you’ll see that Windows 10 costs $139. So what? If I told you that you could buy Windows 10 or 11 from a third-party seller for less than 90% off, that would be true.

Windows 10 Price From Microsoft

So, here is a list of some great stores where I bought Windows 10 and Windows 11 for myself, my friends, and my family. These are not scam codes; they are real stores with redeemable codes that work.

1. PixelCodes

Windows 10 Codes PixelCodes

Well Honestly speaking, I purchased all my codes from PixelCodes. Because I got amazing bulk offer deals from this website.

I was shocked as well to see that they are selling Windows codes for less than $5, I thought risk it for the biscuit.

After I code my key and when it said, ” Key is Linked To your Account, Congratulation”, I started recommending this website to anyone who is interested in buying Windows codes.

2. Royal CD Keys

RoyalCdKeys Windows Store

RoyalCdKeys is one of the best online stores when it comes to software keys at low prices, especially Windows, Office pack for low prices.

They have more than 900+ reviews on Trustpilot and has an amazing support, if you are facing any troubles.

3. HRK

HRK Software Codes Stores

HRK is an popular online distribution platform, most commonly known for video games keys and also for software, gift cards.

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HRK full form is Hot Random Keys, it then just rebranded to only HRK. This site is very popular amongst gamers for keys.

4. G2A

G2A Software Keys

We obviously had to add G2A to this list. Because yes, even they sell Windows 10 Keys & Software keys for cheaper price than the official Microsoft website.

We do not, however, advocate G2A because, in addition to being much overrated like Amazon and NewEgg, in some countries the keys are occasionally invalid or you may experience payment method issues, which I myself have had numerous times while buying random Steam keys.

5. Kinguin

Kinguin Windows Codes

Kinguin is a very popular marketplace initially for gamers, but now they sell various codes like Software, Game Keys, Gift Cards and many more, And Yes including Windows Keys.

Just to let you know, Kinguin does not sell any products, they are just a hub for marketplace sellers to display their products, they mostly act as an middleman if anything is sketchy with the Kinguin Buyer Protection Program.

6. Amazon

Amazon com Windows Codes 1

The most popular store that customers visit when they want to make a physical or digital purchase is undoubtedly Amazon.

I personally don’t really recommend using Amazon, the main reason being it is kinda expensive. Although, it is very trusted that doesn’t mean you should always buy from their, if you have the option to purchase elsewhere for more cheaper.

7. KeysOff

KeysOff Windows 10 Keys

Give Keysoff a try if you’re trying to get Windows 10 keys at the most affordable pricing. The website features games from Epic,, Steam, and Origin for PCs.

Clients can expect product keys from Keysoff via email within 24 hours of ordering. The keys won’t function on a Mac, but they are valid for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The key can only be used on one PC.

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Make sure you give Keysoff your accurate email address when making a purchase. If the keys don’t show up in your normal inbox within a day, you might also need to check the trash mail or spam folder.

8. Buy Keys

Buy Keys Website Software

One of the rare software retailers that only sells digital goods is For games and software, including operating systems, antivirus software, and office suites, you can obtain a variety of product keys.

The affordable pricing for software goods at are one benefit of purchasing Windows 10 keys there. If you’re seeking to buy on a tight budget, the internet store is a perfect choice because the keys are authentic, reasonably priced, and come with excellent service.

9. Software Codes

Software Codes Windows keys

Software-Codes is another popular store, which mostly sells Windows & Software digital codes.

They are one of the few stores that sell legit Windows codes at less than 5 EUR, and the site is very popular in the European region.

10. ChillKeys

Chillkeys Software Codes Store

ChillsKeys is very simple & trusted store, that mostly sell Software codes like

  1. Windows
  2. MS Office For Windows
  3. MS Office For Mac

11. Gamivo

Gamivo Website Software Codes

Gamivo is the site for digital games that is growing the most quickly. Its main goal is to give you the best and safest place to do all your digital business.

In addition to selling game codes, they also sell software codes and hardware.

12. Electronic First

ElectronicFirst Codes Software Selling

Electronic First is one of the most trusted digital selling platform, with more than 30,000+ positive reviews on Trustpilot.

Just like G2A, Kinguin, HRK – Electronic First initially started off by selling Video Games codes at cheap price and slowly also started selling Windows and various other software codes as well.

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Electronic First has a good name for selling codes and getting them to customers as quickly as possible.

13. NewEgg

NewEgg Windows 10 Prices

NewEgg is also another popular Marketplace, where buyers & sellers meet from around the Techworld to purchase geeky products.

Although, in my personal opinion there was a time when NewEgg was the most preferred destination to buy Windows Codes, but now most users don’t really recommend buying codes from NewEgg as they are mostly expensive in this competitive cheap marketplace and very delayed shipping process.

But they do offer something unique along with Windows Code purchase, they do offer a Free VPN sometimes.

14. Microsoft

Windows 11 Keys From Microsoft Store

The best place to buy Windows 10 keys from the official vendor is without a doubt Microsoft. When you buy product keys from the official website, you know you’re getting a completely legal product that won’t give you any trouble in the future.

Windows 11 Price Compare

Windows 10 Price Compare


Well, there are so many online stores and sellers that it can be hard to find real Windows 10 and Windows 11 keys. There is a chance that you will buy keys that have already been used or that were bought with stolen money, so be careful if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Because of this, it’s important to do your research before deciding on a merchant.

There is no doubt that the official Microsoft website is the safest place to buy Windows 10 keys. If you buy Windows 10 keys from the official site, they will be real and brand new. If you have any problems, it’s easy to get in touch with Microsoft support.

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