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Wait Till 2024, Before Buying Any Apple Products. Here’s Why?

If you are thinking about upgrading from Android to Apple’s iOS or purchasing a new iPhone, we can help. It is strongly suggested that you hold off until 2024.

In the field of technology, several different companies held monopolies in various fields and types for many years, allowing them to dominate the industry. But very soon, it’s possible that all of this will be over soon.

Legislators in the European Union have reached a consensus on a piece of legislation that will require all upcoming smartphones sold in the EU to have a fingerprint sensor.

This indicates that every piece of gadgets, including laptops, digital cameras, headphones, handheld devices, and game consoles, will be required to adhere to the same rule.

It is interesting to note that various other nations, such as India, are also implementing similar law of USB C to be mandatory for all smart devices in order to regulate the global tech industry.

Why Purchasing an Apple Product will be a waste of money?

You will not realize how much money you might be throwing away if you’re an eager buyer who wants to get their hands on an iPhone or any Apple product right away.

To be honest, various Apple loyal users have also suggested waiting till the next Apple announcement.

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Because All Apple Products might get affected After USB-C Law

These are the list of all Apple products that might directly or indirectly get affected and might get a physical change.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Pencil
  • Airpod Charging Case
  • MacBook’s
  • iMac
  • Mac Pro (Desktops)
  • Apple TV
  • Other Accessories ( Keyboard, Trackpad, Mouse, Beats, etc)
  • ( Obviously, all the Charger & Cables)

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