GOV Indian Voter ID Hacked

Indian Voter ID Data of 789 Million Users Available for Purchase on Dark Web Since 2014

It is interesting to see that over 789,446,901 user data is up for sale since 2014 of different parts of India like Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, etc

On November 17, 2022. The user who has a good reputation on the forum posted a thread on a well-known hacking forum, that they are selling “Indian Voter Data 789,446,901 From 2014“.

Indian Voter Data Hacked 1

The file format contains, id,ident,forename,middlename,surname,relativeName,relativeType,gender,dob2,yob,forenameNL,middlenameNL,surnameNL,relativeNameNL,relativeForename,relativeSurnameNL,relativeForenameNL,relativeSurname,house,area,mainTown,block,mandal,districtName,state,assemblyConstituency,pollingStation,policeZone,partNo,sectionNo,pin,ward,subdistrictName,source,region,pdf

External Data Leaks Indian Voter 3
External Data Leaks Indian Voter 2

About 60% to 75% of Indian users Voter ID data is leaked.

The user is also providing 1,000,000 user data for free as a form of sample.

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