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Microsoft is making it easier for Xbox users to join Discord servers directly

Microsoft and Discord want to make it easier for Xbox users to join a voice channel. If you use Discord often, you may remember that the user recently added support for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. After testing the feature in July as a beta, Discord started giving it to all Xbox users in September. In its current form, the integration isn’t as simple as one might hope.

For example, joining a voice chat requires the Xbox mobile app and a transfer process.

Xbox users to join Discord servers directly

That will soon change. Microsoft said in a blog post that The Verge found that Xbox Insiders will no longer need a phone to join voice chats on Discord. This change is part of a beta update that Xbox Insiders can try out right now. The new software adds a server browser that lets you join a voice channel right from your console. If you want to call a specific friend on Discord, you’ll still need your phone, but the update simplifies a process that was too hard to use before. The feature is in beta right now, but Microsoft will probably make it available to all Xbox users in the next few weeks.

Now, there’s only one thing left

Even better, when you join an audio channel on Xbox, you’ll be able to change your audio settings right on the system. For example, you can mute your microphone, switch to game chat, and do other things that Xbox Live chat users are used to.

Warren points out that the only thing left is the ability to take part in text chats through the Xbox. I don’t think most gamers need that feature as much, since I think only a small number of people have a keyboard and mouse hooked up to their Xbox.

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Xbox Insiders can now use the new, improved version of Discord. It’s not clear yet when all Xbox users will be able to launch it, but I’m sure we’re all crossing our fingers that it will be soon.

Xbox is getting more than just the Discord app. Apple Music is now available on Xbox consoles, which was also announced recently by Microsoft and Apple.

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