Allkeyshop Affiliate Program For Gaming Sites

6+ Best Features Of Allkeyshop Affiliate Program For Gaming Sites

If you are a gamer online and haven’t heard of Allkeyshop then you are probably living under a rock or not aware of such an amazing website existing active for more than a decade.

The company has decided to launch an affiliate program to target gaming niche websites to monetize by using its unique tools & resources.

Allkeyshop Affiliate Program is the best alternative network to Amazon, CdKey or G2A for game codes at cheap price.

Here are some amazing features that the site offers which are unique.

Note: The Affiliate Program is still in Beta Stages, more features might be introduced soon.

6. Access to Various Featured Stores

AKS Featured Stores Lists

Allkeyshop works with more than 30+ popular stores like the ones below. You will also have access to more stores that will be added by the affiliate programme in the future.

  • EpicGames
  • Ubisoft
  • 2Game
  • CdKeys
  • Eneba
  • GOG
  • GreenMan Gaming
  • G2A
  • and many more

5. Attractive Earning Model

Allkeyshop Affiliate Program Attractive Earning Model

Currently, the program is offering CPC based model for its verified gaming niche website.

Assumptions: You can get paid $0.05 to $0.15 For every legitimate click. Just like any other affiliate program in history, allkeyshop would also eventually bring CPM and other attractive revenue-based model soon.

4. Easy to Register & Integrate On the Website

Easy to Register Integrate On the Website Allkeyshop

The Allkeyshop affiliate program is only open to websites that are based in the Gaming or Geeky niches; therefore, if you are producing material that is related to either of these niches, you will have an easier time becoming verified and joining the program.

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3. Huge Database Of Gaming Products

Huge Database Of Gaming Products AKS

The Allkeyshop affiliate network features more than 10,000 distinct products in its database, organized into categories such as “Action,” “Adventure,” “Puzzle,” “Mystery.” and more…
Also aiming for a wide variety of players, including those who play on PCs, Xboxes, PlayStations, and other platforms.

You can check from the affiliate program of any available game or from their official website at Allkeyshop catalogue

2. Unique Widgets Customizations

Unique Widgets Customizations Editing Allkeyshop affiliate

You have the option to personalize your widget in accordance with the requirements that you have specified. Everything can be tailored to your specific requirements in order to fit seamlessly into the format of the design template for your great website.

1. Simple Withdraw Method

Simple Withdraw Method Allkeyshop

If you’re thinking, “How can I get paid from this programme?” these are the steps you need to take. They will send your payment to you using PayPal, which is one of the most widely used payment methods across all 100+ Affiliate Networks. You will also have the option to receive payment by means of a wire transfer in addition to that.

Please keep in mind that the withdrawal request that must be submitted in order for you to get paid requires a minimum threshold limit of fifty euros.

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