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MrBeast has 250M Total YouTube Subscribers and 21 Channels in Total

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is a well-known American YouTuber credited with establishing the “expensive stunts” subgenre.

MrBeast originally went big on YouTube in 2017 for his “counting to 100,000 films.” Since then, he has extended his brand of content and now publishes a variety of video kinds on the platform.

His YouTube Empire

MrBeast YouTube Channels

MrBeast published his initial YouTube video in February of 2012. However, he could not acquire traction on the platform until he switched to the genre of “expensive stunts.”

Prior to mid-2016, MrBeast’s channel had no more than 30,000 subscribers. Beginning in January of 2017, he began uploading footage of bizarre stunts.

By the end of the year, MrBeast gained a reputation for hosting giveaways through random stunts. In 2017, he donated almost $1 million to strangers and gained a reputation as one of the most generous individuals in the area. He is also the co-creator of the Team Tress initiative, a fundraiser that raised over $22 million for the Arbor Day Foundation in 2020.

Winning Streamy Award

One thing we love to talk about in the creator landscape is MrBeast’s success on YouTube. We’re talking about billions of views across various networks. Millions of dedicated subscribers. countless challenges that forever altered YouTube.

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MrBeast has been acknowledged by Rolling Stone as an award-winning video creator, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. You may have seen his face, which has become recognisable to millions, on the cover of the spring Creators Issue.

MrBeast received the Breakout Creator award from the Streamy Awards in 2019 and was named YouTuber of the Year at the 12th Annual Shorty Awards in 2020. MrBeast has diversified his content over the years and been involved in multiple business ventures/initiatives. This includes MrBeast Burger, the smartphone game “Finger on the App,” and the Backbone technology firm.

YouTube Channel NameSubscribersViews
MrBeast Gaming28,900,0005,100,012,366
MrBeast en Español21,600,0002,554,924,263
Beast Reacts19,400,0002,752,326,967
MrBeast Shorts15,700,0002,232,531,089
Beast Philanthropy10,200,000144,738,407
MrBeast 27,350,00042,885,234
Beast Reacts en Español5,870,000470,351,533
MrBeast Brasil5,190,000547,120,408
MrBeast Gaming en Español4,950,000555,012,790
MrBeast На Русском4,330,000480,654,520
MrBeast Gaming Brasil1,540,000130,839,884
MrBeast en Français1,540,000148,164,420
MrBeast Gaming На Русском1,070,000115,468,985
Beast Reacts em Português1,040,00062,867,696
MrBeast in Arabic992,00028,674,166
MrBeast हिन्दी868,00039,410,991
Beast Reacts На Русском620,00040,444,257
Total Number Of Subscribers244,148,00033,108,414,354

MrBeast has talked several times in various podcasts that he wants to build like a TV Network, where he wants to expand and build several other regional-based YouTube channels where his YouTube videos will be dubbed into those regional languages

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How Many Subscribers in Total?

MrBeast All List of Channels Owned

Main Channels

  • MrBeast – 105 Million Subscribers
  • MrBeast Gaming – 28.9 Million Subscribers
  • Beast Reacts – 19.4 Million Subscribers
  • Beast Philanthropy – 10.2 Million Subscribers
  • MrBeast 2 – 7.35 Million Subscribers
  • MrBeast Shorts – 15.7 Million Subscribers
  • MrBro – 4.23 Million Subscribers
  • MrBeast Brasil – 5.19 Million Subscribers
  • MrBeast Gaming Brasil – 1.54 Million Subscribers
  • Beast Reacts em Português – 1.04 Million Subscribers
  • MrBeast На Русском – 4.33 Million Subscribers
  • MrBeast Gaming На Русском – 1.07 Million Subscribers
  • Beast Reacts На Русском – 620K Thousands Subscribers
  • MrBeast en Español – 21.6 Million Subscribers
  • MrBeast Gaming en Español – 4.95 Million Subscribers
  • Beast Reacts en Español – 5.87 Million Subscribers
  • MrBeast in Arabic – مستر بيست بالعربي – 992k Thousands Subscribers
  • MrBeast en Français – 1.54 Million Subscribers
  • MrBeast हिन्दी – 868K Thousands Subscribers

Other Channels Jimmy Indirectly Have Control on

YouTube Channels MrBeast Owns

Karl – ( 3.74 Million Subscribers )

Beast – ( 18K Subscribers )

How Many Views Does the Chaneel Have?

mrbeast Squid Game Merch
  • MrBeast – 17,453,236,182 Views
  • MrBeast Gaming 5,100,012,366 Views
  • MrBeast en Español 2,554,924,263 Views
  • Beast Reacts 2,752,326,967 Views
  • MrBeast Shorts 2,232,531,089 Views
  • Beast Philanthropy 144,738,407 Views
  • MrBeast – 42,885,234 Views
  • Beast Reacts en Español – 470,351,533 Views
  • MrBeast Brasil – 547,120,408 Views
  • MrBeast Gaming en Español – 555,012,790 Views
  • MrBeast На Русском – 480,654,520 Views
  • MrBro – 66,207,011 Views
  • Karl- 142,289,899 Views
  • MrBeast Gaming Brasil – 130,839,884 Views
  • MrBeast en Français – 148,164,420 Views
  • MrBeast Gaming На Русском – 115,468,985 Views
  • Beast Reacts em Português – 62,867,696 Views
  • MrBeast in Arabic – 28,674,166 Views
  • MrBeast हिन्दी – 39,410,991 Views
  • Beast Reacts На Русском – 40,444,257 Views
  • Beast – 253,286 Views
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MrBeast Revenue Reveal on YouTube

What is the Most-Viewed Video?

MrBeast’s Squid Game is, to this point, his most successful video upload to YouTube. As of the 28th of July in 2022, it had amassed a staggering 275 million views.

Why MrBeast’s Content Is so Addicting and viral?

On YouTube, you need to go above and above if you want to achieve the same level of success as MrBeast, who has billions of views. If there is one thing that we have taken away from his trip, it is that the secret to success is a combination of fascinating tasks, cash incentives, and producing videos with no wasted minutes.

The progression of a video uploaded by MrBeast typically looks like this:

  • Put forward a difficult challenge.
  • Educate us about the protocol.
  • Publish a prize in the form of cash.
  • Observe the competitors as they attempt to overcome the challenge.
  • Give a large sum of money to the winner.


MrBeast’s immense popularity can be attributed, in part, to the fact that he is rarely the focal video of the videos he uploads. He ensures that spectators have something to look forward to at every stage of the process, be it the candidates, the lavish video sets, or the action that takes place.

In addition to that, his editing skills are top-notch, so you won’t lose interest. Because each clip is only a few seconds long, the overall pace of his content is quick but thrilling. [Cause and effect] You are so utterly engrossed in the video that you can’t even stop to consider the possibility of exiting it.

The content on MrBeast also has a positive and uplifting effect on readers. Not only does he offer money to the fortunate winners of his challenges, but he also donates to his family, his friends, the homeless, and a number of different charities. Sometimes an entire video is meant to convey the message, “If we are successful in doing this, we will donate money to that.”

In a word, the combination of all of these factors has made MrBeast a popular figure on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Question on MrBeast YouTube

Who is the most famous YouTuber?

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast online, is an American YouTube personality, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He recently became only the second creator to surpass 100 million subscribers, making him only the second person in the world to do so.

The young man, who is only 24 years old, was a pioneer in a content genre that focuses on costly stunts, challenges, and donations.

Who owns MrBeast YouTube channel?

MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is a popular YouTuber who is known for his daring projects and quirky challenges. His primary channel on YouTube has surpassed the 100 million subscriber mark, marking the achievement of a new landmark for him.

How much he makes a month?

MrBeast’s monthly revenue from YouTube is estimated at $3 million. Considering all of his other businesses and potential sources of revenue, I would add an additional couple million dollars.

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