How To Find Your Unique Discord User ID? How To Use Discord ID?

Your Discord account can be changed in a lot of different ways. For example, you can change your username or nickname to anything you want—it doesn’t even have to be unique.

Your 18-digit Discord ID is the only part of your account that has to be unique. And users aren’t the only ones with Discord IDs; every message and every server also has a unique ID.

Rarely will you need to know your Discord ID, but it’s a good idea to know it just in case. Here’s how to use the desktop app, website, and mobile app to find your Discord ID or anyone else’s.

In the Gaming World, everyone is talking about Discord. It is a chat app designed for video game players that gives them the best way to stay in play and plan their games. The players can talk, text, and chat with each other. Through the Discord ID lookup, you can search for other players.

Discord is mostly used by people who play PC games because it lets them talk quickly. Discord makes it easy to chat and has search features. It’s a tool for socializing and getting things done. Discord lets you make different roles for members, like making roles for other administrators and moderators.

The Discord ID Lookup is a unique number that every Discord user has. This number is used to tell the bot which users can use it and which servers it can work on. The Discord ID Lookup is used to create an activity log that can be used to process, look up, and possibly solve problems in the future.

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Discord can be used in a version of ways. It can be used on the web or on a mobile version. You can change your username or nickname and make your account look the way you want it to. Every user who uses Discord has a Discord ID, which is an 18-digit number tied to their account. Here’s how to find and use Discord ID lookup. Find out by reading the article:

  • The 18-digit number that is your Discord ID is tied to your account.
  • There is a unique ID for every Discord user, every message, and every server.
  • You’ll need to turn on “Developer Mode” in Discord before you can find your ID.

How to find a Discord ID on the website or in the desktop app

Discord Advanced Setting Developer Mode Enable Tool

First, you need to turn on “Developer Mode” in Discord. Developer Mode shows some of the extra features of Discord, such as the IDs.

On the website or in the desktop app, to turn on Developer Mode:

1. Click the gear icon next to your name in the bottom left corner. 2. Select Advanced from the left sidebar.

2. Click on Developer Mode at the top of the page that comes up. Once it’s turned on, finding Discord IDs is easy.

Discord Copy ID Lookup Overview

Right-click on a user’s profile picture and choose “Copy ID” to find their Discord ID, including your own.

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To find the ID of a message, right-click it and choose Copy ID from the menu.

To find a server’s ID, right-click its icon in the left sidebar and choose Copy ID. This will copy the 18-digit ID to your computer’s clipboard. Paste it anywhere you want to see the ID.

How to find a Discord ID in the mobile app?

Discord ID in the mobile app - Discord Guide

Again, you need to first turn on Developer Mode. To turn the mobile app into Developer Mode:

1. Swipe to the right to open the navigation menu, and then tap your profile picture in the bottom-right corner.

2. Scroll down the iPhone app and tap “Appearance.” Then tap “Developer Mode.”

3. Scroll down in the Android app and tap Behavior. Toggle on Developer Mode.

And once you turn on Developer Mode, it’s pretty easy to find Discord IDs.

  • Tap a user’s profile picture to open their profile. Then tap the three dots in the top right corner and choose Copy ID.
  • To find the ID of a message, press and hold your finger on it until a menu pops up. Then, choose Copy ID from the menu.
  • And to find a server’s ID, open the navigation menu, tap the three dots in the top right corner, and then tap Copy ID.
  • This will copy the 18-digit ID to your phone’s clipboard. To see the ID, you will need to paste it somewhere.

How to use Discord ID?

You can’t do much with a Discord ID. They are mostly a way for the Discord app to distinguish between users, messages, and servers.

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If you’re making a Discord bot or integration, you might use Discord IDs to tell which users can use the bot or which servers it can work on.

And when you talk to Discord’s customer service team, they might ask for your or someone else’s Discord ID to help solve a problem.

Your Discord ID is public information, so don’t worry if someone else knows it. They can’t use it to do anything bad with it.

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