Discord Banning Random Account For Spamming – Discord AntiSpam Bug

Discord is currently facing a problem where random user accounts are getting banned for banning. This incident was reported on the official site of Discord Status on August 26, which is marked as resolved. Various users are still affected by this problem.

According to a Reddit user, this is likely to happen because of recent changes in the anti-spam system which might have gone faulty, and various updates that Discord has been bringing this month. This led to soo many bugs which users have reported.

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Rumors to why users are getting banned:
  • Changing their Discord Profile Photo, Bio, About Us.
  • Discord Server Changes
  • Random reports by other users
  • Verification of Phone number
August 262022 – Discord Status
Resolved – We believe that all affected users have been unmarked!
Aug 2620:47 PDT
Identified – We have identified the issue and are working on a fix to unmark the affected users.
Aug 2619:24 PDT
Investigating – We’re investigating an issue where users may be falsely marked for spam.
Aug 2619:22 PDT


The actual reason for this incident is still yet to be discovered, in the meantime maybe dont make any changes to your profile.


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